As always, my thoughts are irrelevant

I have been thinking about the Ohio State situation, the CBA, Free Agency, and Tebow's new book. I decided to share my thoughts with you all. My thoughts are irrelevant, or at least thats what my wife tells me :) As always feel free to follow me on Twitter: @jdforrer if you want to talk sports, or about anything really. I hope you all enjoy.

1.       I wanted to take a moment and express my opinions on the Ohio State scandal, and also how that could possibly directly relate to the Denver Broncos. I first want to admit I am a Buckeyes fan as I grew up in Ohio, and have passionately followed the program. As a fan I hate that sanctions could affect scholarships and bowl eligibility in the future.


I do not however understand how all of the blame for this situation has been laid upon Terrelle Pryor. In my opinion this is a situation of a young student, who made millions for his school, and made a poor decision to accept some money for items that he believed were his own, Specifically his signature and memorabilia. I agree that under current NCAA rules this is a violation, and he should be punished, as should Tressel for his involvement. They both chose to leave Ohio State, and now will move on with their prospective careers.


My Question to all those out there calling Pryor’s character into question is this: Would you have chosen differently in his position? Some of you would have declined the additional benefits, and I applaud you for that. For myself, in my late teens/early 20’s I probably would have taken that money, felt I earned it, and felt I deserved it. The system is broken, not the players. This is a case of a young man making a decision to accept benefits, and then as a result to accept the consequences of that decision. He has never been arrested, never been called a poor teammate, and his work ethic has never been called into question. Many have said that he won’t receive any consequences from his actions because he left Ohio State. I completely disagree. Pryor wanted to remain at OSU, wanted to continue his development, wanted to continue to strive for a national title, and as a result of this situation had to withdraw from Ohio State. He did not want to be a distraction to his teammates, and he just handed OSU a great opportunity to limit the damage. Pryor cannot be questioned by the NCAA unless he consents, and neither can Jim Tressel.


Now since the events have played out, Pryor has been preparing for the NFL.  For those of you who may not be aware he has been working with Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco. He is preparing for the supplemental draft, and doing everything you would expect out of a young man trying to atone for his mistakes.


His natural talent alone makes him a great prospect. He wants to play QB, and his stats show that he is an accurate quarterback, with great size and mobility, and good arm strength. Pryor is a 60% passer for his career, and was a 65% passer in 2011. If Tressel had molded the offense specifically to Pryor’s talents, he would have put of Cam Newton type numbers. The reasons he chose Ohio State is that Tressel was willing to teach him to be a pocket passer, his goal has always been NFL success and in order to do that he made a choice to go to a school that would teach him to work under center, and not rely only on his running ability. He is unpolished, and will need some developmental time. Had he declared eligible for the 2011 NFL draft he would have been a late first/early second round pick. My favorite characteristic about him is the same thing I loved about Tebow. Even if he is a bust at the QB position, he has the physical ability to play other positions, and in specialty formations. Low risk/High Reward.


How does this relate to the Broncos you might ask? Well I believe the CBA will be completed in time for Training camp. As a result, I think the Broncos will trade Kyle Orton, because while he is talented, we are rebuilding, and need to allow Tebow development time. If we trade him now, we can get value for him. As a result our Depth Chart is Tebow/Quinn. I think adding Pryor as a 3rd string developmental QB makes sense, for a 4th round pick. That means if any other team wants him they would have to give up a 3rd (unless it was Carolina). Pryor for a 4th as a Developmental QB is a good

deal, especially because he can contribute as a special team player, WR, TE, or as a Wildcat type QB. He also has many of the same physical characteristics that Tim Tebow has. If Tebow is injured, Pryor has the physical ability to run an offense tailored to Tebow. It may not be as effective, as Tebow is more talented, but its an interesting concept to consider.


One final thought. I am reading Tebow’s book. I won’t quote it without permission from Mr. Tebow, however in Chapter 12, Page 127 he says he went to a Kenny Chesney concert with some teammates, without tickets. He was allowed back stage to talk to Kenny Chesney, and allowed to watch the concert from back stage. He was given this opportunity because he was a Florida player, and that opportunity would not have been available to a student who was not Tim Tebow. By definition that is an NCAA violation. Is Tebow’s character in question? No. No because again the system is broken. I am not attacking Tebow, I think he is an awesome player, and a great role model of high moral character. I just wanted to point out that violating NCAA rules do not necessarily make you a person with poor character.


2.       For those of you who haven’t read “Through My Eyes” by Tim Tebow, I recommend it. At the end of the first chapter Tebow says the words “Game On” and I got chills. I am only half way through, but so far it is an excellent read. I have learned a lot about Tebow, and there is a lot of play by play in the book from his perspective. It is truly inspirational. I wondered before I received it for fathers day whether it would be a bit too preachy for me, as I am not particularly religious, but while it discusses his faith, it doesn’t come across as preachy. So far very inspirational and I highly recommend it.


3.       I must admit I am going through football withdrawals. Football isn’t scheduled to start until august, and even if we had a CBA we would still have to wait until then. However I will feel a sense of relief once I know for sure that the NFL season will start on time.


4.       Free agency is going to be interesting for the Denver Broncos. Obviously DT has to be addressed, and some depth at RB. I think we also need to consider some of the FA cornerbacks. Goodman is coming off of injury and getting older, and the status of Perrish Cox is unknown with his legal situation.  I would love Nnamdi. Love isn’t strong enough, I would probably wet myself if we got Nnamdi. It will probably never happen, but a guy can dream. There are also several other starter quality free agent cornerbacks out there that can be considered once Free Agency rules are granted.

5.   I want a MHR iPhone app. I don't know if anyone on the site has the talent to create one, but that would be awesome. If there are any of you with that ability you should talk to the site administrators, because I would love to have this site as an app. Sometimes viewing in the browser on my iPhone is a pain, and I have to constantly log back in to comment. Just a thought!






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