What do the Broncos mean to me?


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Petitions, A Lockout, QB Roulette, and Summer is almost here.


     Good Morning and welcome to decision day.  Well, sort of, we will get a ruling which will lead to something next.  While we all argue and discuss whatever we can come up with I have found myself wondering at the timing of life.  I have more time on my hands than I have ever had.  I have access to more information than ever and I found a site with a core of fans I have connected with.   What do I get to do?   Have the same debate 20 times.  Sign petitions and try to decipher legalese.  Bummer!


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     I have been a Bronco fan for a long time.  Pretty odd when you consider that of all the places I have lived, Denver was a short time.  But, John Elway came to town while I was there and I was already going to be a lifelong fan  :D

Here I am within spitting distance of two pretty good teams in Baltimore and Philadelphia and I just don't care.  I have tried to follow the Eagles but they are even more frustrating than being a Denver fan.  I was kind of happy to see a team in Baltimore, then they got Shannon and I hated them.  Yeah, it was love/hate, I did like getting to see him play regularly.


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      I spent years glued to ESPN trying to get an update on the Broncos, I bought the USA Today on Monday so I could get the bigger coverage on the weekends NFL action.   Talk about starving for info.  The funny part of that is I am not sure I really know anymore than I did then.  How much of what I know is mis information?  LOL


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      I wore that hat on the left for years, just got the one on the right this year (thanks Dad) on my trip, and that is the top to my sweatsuit behind them.  Just can't bring myself to get rid of the hat and I am afraid to wash it  :P  There have been many great debates and conversations out here due to my team.  For the first decade it was ALWAYS about John Elway.  The level of hate out here for him makes the ire felt in Denver for Cutler seems like mild distaste.  That has faded a lot over the years, helped greatly by the move the Browns made to become the Ravens.


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How sad is this?  My Mother-in-law's friend (boyfriend) found this somewhere and bought it for me.  I know he probably paid a buck for it.  What did I do?   Naturally I hung it on my wall  ;D  I guess I know I am a fan when all I have to do is say the Broncos are on TV this weekend and I am not expected to show up for any event or be anywhere but in front of the TV.


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   Happy Days there!!  Yes Sir!   Going to three Superbowls and losing was painful.  Even so, I would always say, "I would rather be in the game and lose".  I stuck by that, being proud of my team for being good enough to get there.  How could you not be with those wins over Cleveland.  To get through those two playoff games in such spectacular fashion left me feeling like our team could win any game at any time.   I really have to wonder sometimes if Dan Reeve's didn't secretly bring high school players to those games while the real players partied in the hotel.


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I've had this key fob in my pocket for almost 30 years.  Maybe I should be buried with it.  While I was in Denver I bought a really cheap old Datsun.... ok, Nissan....  But it was a Datsun B210, ugly faded orange.  We had just lost our first Superbowl with John and I was still young and silly.  As the season came closer I took a can of blue spray paint and painted a blue line down the middle of the car and a big blue  7 on the doors.  Of course that fall the car threw a rod and died.


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     I would love to be a part of a boycott, but for all the things I have I don't really spend many dollars on the team.  I would not make much impact.  Even not watching the game would not show up.  I have signed two petitions so my name is out there.  I Want Football!  It is just a pass time and I could find another one, but I have been watching football as long as I can remember.  I am a fan of the NFL because my Father is a fan of the NFL.  My Dad would get a black and white tv, put it on top of our floor model tv and have both games on.  Sundays were football, period.  If the Cowboys were on, you shut up and watched.  That is how the Broncos are for me now.  We also have picture in picture and the internet for following all the games.  I have not watched Comcast's redzone but everyone I know that has loved it.

What am I going on and on about?  What is the point of a fluffy nonsensical posting?  I really don't know, except that I am tired of the same old debates.  I hate seeing fanposts that have been up for 7 days, or longer.   I hate this work stoppage.  I Want Football.

I would love to hear/read what the Broncos mean to you.  Oh, and I do have lots more Broncos stuff but I figured I posted enough pics :D







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