A Roster Breakdown

So I think some people are ready to call it in on our team. We need to sign 600 College Free Agents, and 400 Free Agents on our team now or we will pick #1 in the draft. 

Based on earlier parameters set we should look at keeping about 80 players on the roster for training camp. After the Jump  I will provide those on the roster and then you tell me who you cut to sign your FA and CFA's. 


Currently we have KyleOrton, Tim Tebow, and Brady Quinn. Who do you cut trade and who do you bring in or do we go to 2 QB's on the roster? I think all three are here to start the season.



Lance Ball, Correll Buckhalter, Jerimiah Johnson, Mike McLaughlin, Brandon Minor, Knowshon Moreno and LenDale White are the current guys on the roster. I see three serviceable and we have kept four on the roster before. I see Buck, Moreno and White being Kept through with one other Name thrown into the mix.


Spencer Larsen is the only one on the roster and it seems to be his spot to lose. who do you replace him with or what?

Wide Receiver- 

Britt Davis, Eric Decker, Jabar Gaffney, Brandon Lloyd, Eron Riley, Eddie Royal, Demaryius Thomas and Matthew Willis are currently here and in all honesty I don't see us keeping more than five on the roster come game 1 so for my money we keep Lloyd, Gaff, Royal, Thomas, Decker.

Tight End-

Daniel Coats, Virgil Green, Dan Gronkowski, Richard Quinn, Julius Thomas are the guys on our roster. In my mind I think we keep three. My guys are the two rooks and Quinn. Quinn may be a suck wad when it comes to catching the ball but dude blocks with the best and Coach knows this.


Clady, Clark, Franklin, Harris and Taylor line the tackle position. In all honesty I think We will offer Harris a decent contract and if he signs he starts! So in my mind we keep three of these guys Clady, Harris and Franklin.

Beadles, Byers, Daniels, Hochstein, Kuper, Murphy Olsen and Ramirez are the current Guard competition. I think Beadles and Kuper will stay. Olsen may be a project at back up but we will definitely be bringing in 2 or 3 guys to compete here, I think those three will stay.

Walton is the only center on the roster so I expect a free agent to come in and test Walton though I think Walton will start.


Ayers, Beal, Dumervil, Hunter, Veikune are the 5 guys on the roster at End. I fully expect all of them to make the roster but some competition to be brought in.

Leonard, Unrein and Vickerson are the three guys on the active roster with McBean and Thomas listed as possible Free Agents. I think Vickerson stays, Thomas wont get the monsy he thinks he is worth in FA and come back and We will bring in some serious competition here. Garland is on the roster but currently with other duties.


Irving Kelly Mays and Mohamed are the "Mike Backers" and it looks like a good plan to me. I think Kelley is gone and the other three stay with some competition at camp.

Douglas, Williams and Woodyard are listed as the "Will Backers" which means that some competition will be brought in to fill out the spot. Wood looks good in coverage and DJ is finally where he belongs.

Haggan, Miller and Robinson are the "Sam Backers." To me that seems like we need someone to back up Miller. Haggan is ok but I'd like more!


Bailey, Cox, Goodman, Jackson, Jones, Thompson and Vaughn are the CB group. I think that Jackson is fodder and I will shoot myself if Nate Jones plays AT ALL! Period!  I think we keep 5


Bruton is listed as a FS while the rest are listed as just Safety. With Carter, Dawkins, Hill, McBath, McCarthy, Moore and Polk on the roster I think 5 safeties stay. I think Hill may be a casualty with Moore, Dawkins, Carter, Bruton and McBath stay in my opinion. 

Kickers/ Punters

I think Prater and Colquit stay! Period!


There you have it. We need to keep in mind we will probably be close to the same limits. 80 at camp 65 in preseason 53 active 7 PS and 45 Gameday!



This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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