MHR Poll of the Week for July 17, 2011: Strongest Squad of 2010

DENVER - NOVEMBER 14: Brandon Lloyd had a career year in 2010. Were he and the other receivers the strongest squad in Denver last year? (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Last weeks poll had the best turnout of any poll yet, and I was pretty excited about the results. I'm also excited that it sounds like the lockout will be coming to an end, then again I seem to say that every week. But anyways, last week I asked the first in a number of questions asking about what squads played well and poorly in 2010 and predicting what squads will do well or play poorly in 2011. Last week you identified the weakest link in 2010, and it was quite the landslide:

Answer: Votes Percentage
Quarterbacks 9 1%
Running Backs 37 6%
Offensive Lineman 26 4%
Wide Receivers 28 4%
Tight Ends 4 1%
Defensive Lineman 427 64%
Linebackers 56 8%
Defensive Backs 7 1%
Special Teams 5 1%
Coaching 70 10%
Total: 669 100%

Defensive tackle was the clear winner (or loser, not sure which) with 64% of the votes. The defensive side of the ball took home 86% of the votes, while the offense came in with 16%. I think this is about where I saw the votes coming it at, with most of the offensive votes being directed at the offensive line, while the quarterbacks and tight ends received the fewest votes. Coaching was another big one that received a lot of votes, coming in a distant 2nd. Special teams and defensive backs also fared well, combining for 12 votes and less than 2%.

So with last weeks results shown, lets see how they compare to this weeks votes.

This week we are going to be asking the opposite question that I asked last week, what is the strongest squad of 2010? I could see a number of squads winning this, quarterback play, with Orton and Tebow was one of the bright spots. The same could be said for our wide receivers, who had a variety of skills, from Lloyd to Royal. Defensive backs, lead by Champ Bailey, could take a number of votes as well. So let's see who you think was the strongest squad from 2010.

And as I said last week, we are looking for the strongest squad from 2010, and while there were a number of good squads, pick the one you felt was the strongest, whomever that is.

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