Denver Broncos News - Horse Tracks - 7/20/11


Four-way formula: Champ Packers stacked at premium positions - NFL - Football
One of the surprises of these rankings is seeing the Denver Broncos as the sixth-best team. That's because they have elite players at corner (Champ Bailey), left tackle (Ryan Clady) and pass rusher (Elvis Dumvervil). Imagine if they had a real quarterback?

NFL lockout: Player representatives set to review, and perhaps recommend, virtually completed deal - The Washington Post
A virtually completed deal to end the NFL’s four-month lockout is expected to be presented to player representatives on Wednesday for review and possible recommendation of approval, several people familiar with the deliberations said Tuesday night.

Q&A: Broncos looking for a defensive tackle to start with Kevin Vickerson - The Denver Post
The Broncos didnt use any of their draft picks this year on an interior defensive lineman, which inspired a lot of commentary in the Denver media.

Tight end Richard Quinn hopes to have his hands full as Broncos starter - The Denver Post
After two seasons and only one catch for 9 yards, the former second-round draft pick from North Carolina will get his chance. Time to step up, Richard Quinn.

Would the Denver Broncos Start Two Rookie Safeties? " NFL Mocks
With the NFL and NFLPA so close to reaching an agreement on a new CBA, new numbers are coming out with projections of teams’ salary caps as well as free agency rumors. The Denver Broncos have been linked to a number of players in free agency, namely DeAngelo Williams who is expected to be the top running back available this offseason. However, how can the Broncos sign Williams if they have no money under the cap to do so?

Broncos' player workout features coach John Fox's playbook - The Denver Post
There were so many Broncos attending the players' workout session today in Highlands Ranch, quarterback Brady Quinn lined them up to run a few pass plays. It was the first time this summer the Broncos lined up for a few plays from new head coach John Fox's playbook.

Will Bronco Players Be in Shape for Training Camp, Preseason? - BroncoTalk
Union reps for the league owners and players will vote Wednesday on a new collective bargaining agreement proposal, which could result in the lockout being lifted as soon as Thursday. If everything goes smoothly, the Denver Broncos may start training camp next week in Dove Valley.

NFL Settlement Being Drawn Up Today - WBEN NewsRadio 930
As the NFL Lockout looks to be solved by the end of this week, another big step has been taken by the NFLPA early on Tuesday.

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