of course it had to be a Charger!!

I had this sneaky suspicion that this hoopla over the owners supposedly trying to sneak things in was more cover for a couple players holding out over money (cough noise-Vincent Jackson of the San Diego Chargers).

I'm sure it's more complicated than that, however; seems like Vincent Jackson won't drop his part in the lawsuit, and if players proceed, approve and recertify-V-Jax sues them.

Here's what I just read on rotoworld:

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that the players are not planning to vote on the new Collective Bargaining Agreement proposal until Monday.

A previous "high-ranking source" told ESPN that a vote was possible on Saturday. Schefter confirms two sides have had "constructive dialogue" since Thursday night, which is a good sign. However, the players want to do a vote "on their own terms," and one of the biggest obstacles is the demand of Chargers franchise player Vincent Jackson to either receive monetary compensation or unrestricted free agency as part of the CBA. At this point, we don't anticipate any NFL transactions before the middle of next week. The tentative target date for full-blown free agency may be two Sundays from now.


 Can one Charger player really hold up all of football for some more money, or a ticket out of SanDiego? Yes.

Will one Charger player drag his feet (Mankins could be involved too) and continue this impasse, cost many people more money, just to gain fatter pockets or a UFA status? We'll see.

 Honestly, I was going to post a quick rant about the possibility of a Charger Player/Charger Organization issue being the real culprit to this delay on the players side-or atleast a bigger issue than being portrayed.

Had a couple things to do...then I check rotoworld and saw that lil'blurp I posted above...sat down and typed this.

 We could be gettin down to business tomorrow already... So close to getting this done, and once again, a Charger is messin with a Bronco season.

In a way I respect V-Jax for wanting out that bad, it is the Chargers...but...I want NFL Football in the worse way right now, and such selfishness is crazy to me...but it is the Chargers..ahhhh

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