UDFA's who the Broncos should sign.

Once the lockout ends(should be soon) the first order of business would be to sign undrafted free agents. I'm going to list some guys who the broncos should target.

1. Kendric Bruney CB UNC


With cox probably being cut, another guy is needed to come in and compete. If we run a cover 2 scheme, this guy is a perfect fit for it. He reminds me alot of Squid, small, not the fastest but a good football player who can cover. He's a ball hawk who can make an impact.


2. Derrick Locke RB Kentucky


A small fast back who can be a good third down/special teamer. He reminds me alot of Darren Sproles


3. Martin Parker DT Richmond


Parker is a very productive small school prospect who has an incredible motor. He is a great bull rusher, but he can get pushed around a bit


4. Jeff Maehl WR Oregon


Reminds me alot of Eric Decker. Strong/Good hands. Isnt the fastest but runs good routes and at least is a practice squad player in my mind.


5. Pierre Allen DE Nebraska


Allen had a very disappointing season but has upside and can add competition at a wide open DE back up spot


6. Ian Williams DT Notre Dame


Doesnt add much as a pass rusher, but is a solid run stopper who can be a solid rotational guy. May be a practice squad guy for his first year though


7. DeAndre Brown WR Southern Miss


A good combo of size and speed. But his character concerns pushed him out of the draft. Is you're willing to take a risk on a guy, i would on this guy. 


8. Graig Cooper RB Miami


Never was a great RB in college. Injuries derailed is career. Had an ACL injury, but would be a good camp guy and see how he does from there


9. Henry Hynoski FB Pittsburgh


A hard nosed FB who will plow over defenders. I was surprised he wasnt drafted. We need a FB. I love larsen but with us going to the running game more, we need a real FB


10. Bryant Browning OG Ohio St


A big strong blocker, who lacks quickness but can be a valuable back up. With our lack of backups he's worth a look.


11. Ryan Winterswyk DE Boise St


I love boise st players. Ryan is a hard nosed nonestop motor guy who will run through a wall for a coach. He isnt great at anything but is good at everything. I'd bring this guy into camp and see what he can do


12.  John Clay RB Wisconsin


A big guy who can move the rock. Didnt have a great season, and weight issues we're a problem. But if he's in shape, bring the big guy in.


13. Derrell Johnson Koulianos WR Iowa


A sayre special. A good talented WR who's character concerns are an issue. He's got talent though and should earn a camp invite.

14. DeQuin Evans DE Kentucky


Is a solid pass rusher, but never had productive years at kentucky. We lack depth at DE so another guy who fox can coach up.


15. Mario Fannin RB Auburn


Fannin has the tools to become a reserve running back who contributes on third downs. However, he has not shown the endurance, running power, and vision to be a fulltime starter at the next level. Flashes some redeeming rushing qualities; has good bulk, can get to the edge, and runs with intensity, but has some ball security issues, doesn't pick up enough yardage after contact and needs to show better awareness. Provides value in the passing game. Catches balls outside his frame, comfortable tracking the deep ball, can make plays after the catch, and is a willing blocker. 










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