Filling out our roster

Broncos are off to a good start, IMO.  Picked up a 3rd string QB and a UFA RB on a lot of team's wish lists.

Love the fact also that we're going to go after Marcus Thomas. We need DT depth, and he's a young player who has improved each year.  Not worried that we missed on Cofield either, frankly.

Things I'd LIKE to see:  Orton for DRC and a 4th.  Haynesworth for 5th.  Problems solved.  (depending on Fat Al's attitude, that is).  Excluding Al, I think we go for Franklin or even Kelly Gregg, who was released from Baltimore today.  Resign Ryan Harris, for god's sake.  We need depth on the Oline as well.   Trade Haggan and Goodman for Okoye and Slaton.

Ok, on to the list of players I'd like to get in FA:

Vernon Gholston - likely can be had on the cheap, fits better as a 4-3 LDE and needs a revival.  Could provide additional depth and may turn out to be a diamond in the rough.

Michael Bush - power back who is underrated.  would love to steal him from the Raiders.

Eric Wright - Frankly, with Cox likely to face some jail time and/or suspensions, I'm of the belief that we need to cut our losses.  Wright steps in as our nickel corner with DRC and Champ.

Tyson Clabo - dependent on whether or not Harris signs.  Actually would love to have both, but prob not reasonable

Leron McClain - FB is a huge area of weakness.  Again, problem solved

Samson Satele - backup center who could start if JD regresses

Justin Blaylock - depth at guard is also a need.

Kevin Boss - perfect for us.  Great blocker for Fox's system and can catch well.


Our defense is transformed. 

DT - Haynesworth, Okoye, Thomas, Vickerson

LDE - Ayers, Beal, Gholston

RDE - Dumervil, Hunter, ??? (can't remember, it's late LOL)

OLB - Von and DJ.  Nuff said

MLB - Irving/Mays

Corners - Champ and DRC, with Wright/Cox/Squid

Safeties - Moore and Carter start but Dawkins and McBath get plenty of tick.  Bruton kept for ST and depth.

This defense could be VERY good.

Our offensive issues are also solved.  More depth at OLine and RB, plenty of good receivers, and ........Tebow.

QB - Tebow, Quinn, Weber

RB - Knowshon, Slaton, Fannin, Lendale

FB - McClain

OT - Clady and Clabo/Harris, Orlando Franklin

OG - Kuper and Beadles, Blaylock/Daniels

Center - Walton/Satele

WR - Thomas/Lloyd/Gaffney/Decker/Royal/Willis

TE - Boss, Green, Thomas


For those who hate Haynesworth - I understand there is a risk.  However, when motivated, Fat Al is a hell of a player, and I think this would be a good fit.  Enough respected vets in the locker room (champ, Dawk, DJ, Doom) to be able to keep him in check.  We are still a pretty young team but this team competes NOW.

Have no clue if this could be accomplished, but I can dream.  If we got a handful of the above I'd still be a pretty happy camper.  I really do hope AZ will trade for Orton and give us either Dan Williams or DRC.  Loved Orton's effort and class but it's time to see what Tim can do.


Go Broncos!

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