Quarterback Poker

The Broncos, Dolphins, Cardinals, and Eagles are all right now locked into a very interesting game of poker. Everyone knows what's going to happen, Orton to Miami, and Kolb to Arizona. However they will both greatly effect each other, and whichever team blinks first is going to determine what goes down in the other trade

Let's start with what each team doesn't want.

Miami doesn't want Arizona to trade a 1st and a player for Kolb, because that gives all the leverage to Denver, because if Kolb goes first for a 1st rd pick and a player, Denver should and would ask for a 1st rd pick from Miami, because Orton is Miami's number 1 target, and Orton is more proven than Kolb.

Philadelphia doesn't want Orton to get traded for a 3rd or worse because than there is no way they would get a higher pick than that from Arizona plus a player.

Denver doesn't want to hold on to Orton much longer. They need Tebow getting reps with the 1st team asap, and also need to avoid a potential Locker Room splitting QB controversy.

Arizona doesn't want Orton to be traded for a high pick because that means that they have to give one up. And from what I've read DRC is more of Philly taking him off the hands of AZ. That means Arizona wants Vince Young to sign with Miami, because this would dramatically reduce the amount Denver would get for Orton. At this point probably wouldn't be more than a 4th. And when Orton's value drops, so does Kolb's. Kolb's drops because Arizona would rather spend a 3rd/4th on Orton rather than a 1st on Kolb (plus that monster contract he wants).

Orton has to play with the first team right now because if he doesn't that shows Miami that they have no intentions of actually keeping him. Making his value drop. Starting Orton with the first team still shows that there is a chance Denver would want to keep him. Keeping his value at a 2nd rd pick.

The way I think it will shake out is; Philly trades Kolb for a 2nd and DRC, and Denver trades Orton for a conditional 3rd/2nd

The only question now is not who has the best poker face, but who has the worst?

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