A Quick Update On The Top Defensive Tackles Still Available

There were five major names on most wish lists here at MHR for Defensive Tackles in Free Agency/cheap trades. This is just a quick reminder that three of those five are still available, with Albert Haynesworth and Barry Cofield having already moved on.

So feel free to step away from the ledge just a bit, although maybe you shouldn't get too entirely comfortable. Three of the absolute top FA DTs are still available, but once they're gone... I'll join you on the ledge.

In addition to the three major targets I've listed below, keep in mind there are also many trade scenarios that are both foreseeable and unforeseeable in which we could also obtain quality starters at DT. And all this is in addition to our planned visits tomorrow by Defensive Tackles Derek Landri, Jason Hatcher and perhaps Shaun Smith.

Cullen Jenkins:


There is no reason to believe Jenkins isn’t right at the top of Dove Valley’s wish list and still a very real possibility. Once the Redskins took Stephen Bowen, his price was probably easier nailed down, and it probably came down, also. Here’s the latest from a couple sources, but basically just know that he hasn’t signed anywhere and he’s not necessarily even a favorite to sign anywhere outside of Denver at this point.

We’re (PFF) still waiting to see what happens with Cullen Jenkins.  The one time Packer is being chased by Dallas, who really needs him after losing Stephen Bowen and the New Orleans Saints.  It’s pretty clear the Saints are loading up on guys who can get up the field quickly, and it’s pretty clear that’s bad news for Jonathan Vilma.  Saints could potentially lead the league in tackles for losses, and runs over 1o yards allowed at this rate. 

Talks between the Redskins and free agent DE Cullen Jenkins are dead, according to Profootballtalk's Mike Florio.The Redskins chose to go with Stephen Bowen as their defensive end addition and won't be breaking the bank for another one. The Broncos, Cowboys and Saints are in the mix for Jenkins, one of the best free agents still out there.

Brandon Mebane:

This is the youngest guy of the group, and he who many of you have wanted all along. He recently tweeted PFF to tell them not to believe everything you read. Since the last new news I’ve read on him suggested he was Seattle’s #1 priority, I’m going to assume he’s letting it be known that he’s still very much on the market and attempting to dispel any notions that Seattle and he are getting close to anything. Or I could be completely off base and he means the opposite. How would I know, right? Here are those news clips..

According to Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times, the Seahawks have now made re-signing DT Brandon Mebane their "No. 1 priority" in free agency. 

Brandon Mebane, the highly sought after free agent DT, has tweeted to let us (PFF) know that we shouldn’t believe everything we read, and that people do lie.  If people lie, and Mebane is a person, does that mean he is lying?  Does it matter?  Seahawks seem in pole position to retain the rights to him though this mess could have been avoided if they just used the franchise tag.  That’s what it’s there for after all.

Aubrayo Franklin:

There is virtually no news or rumors out there about this guy other than most assume teams that need help at DL will be looking at Franklin. Like Jenkins, he’s 30. And also like Jenkins, he's really dominant.

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