Regarding Orton!!!

To all on MHR it has gotten to the point that I am actually sick of it may or may not happen.  The fact of the matter concerning Miami; do you really think they are just going to go with Henne, Moore, and Delvin? My friend who works for the Fins as well as a report out of the Miami Herald are all saying that the deal for Orton is not done, and that this is a poker match that can go a few weeks from now... Why? Orton has the authority to ask for more than he is getting offered, and he may be sticking it to us. IS HE? Probably not but if I were him I would probably want a multi-year deal and also want to be in a place where I can start.  As well as the fact that only really two teams may need a starter right now. Well maybe three Miami, Cincinnati, and Seattle (despite the Travaris Jackson Signing) 

{Miami Herald Quote}

"Let me follow that good news with great news: Despite numerous believable national and local reports that Miami’s attempt to trade for Denver quarterback Kyle Orton is over, I am told exactly the opposite is true;

and quote....

"The Dolphins have not abandoned the possibility of getting Orton despite not really making progress in negotiations Thursday and apparently walking away from talks altogether early Friday.

Again, Orton to Miami remains a possibility."


So does this make EFX incompetent? HELL NO! I wouldn't trade a person on pennies for the dollar, but they have muffed up the whole situation, by maybe demanding more than they can receive. I truly think that Denver is also playing a poker game by having Orton practice with the first team, and Tebow by practicing with the second team.  Why would I assume or say such a callous statement?  "Headlines Read" Orton vastly outperforms TT.... Miami or other says *well maybe we gotta pull the trigger*  Especially Miami: there are two people there vying for a job in the future ( Saprano and Ireland) if they mess this year up they obviously are looking for another job. So they obviously have to win and win now another mediocre season and they are gone.

Also. It is Bronco season Dammit, and I don't want a debate of this is this or this is that regarding the QB situation. I support both do I think one is better than the other? (yes) am I going to make a fit out of it? (no) Am I am little intoxicated and drinking orange and blue Kool-aid you better bet your ass.

I guess what I am saying is this.

It is M**********N Bronco season and despite what happens it is back and it is all deserving of a huge CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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