My 2 cents and EFX ratings at the free agency market.

I would like to write my 2 cents about a lot of stuff that happened this week when the lockout was over, and still rate our front-office about it. Here we go:



Jabar Gaffney
We got rid of a veteran player at the position we have more quality depth, and got some profit. Nice move here. If Gaffney wasn’t trade now, he would be released in a few seasons, probably at the end of this one, so we got some great value from him. We opened a good room at the salary cap and still got a young prospect DE who can improve his game and who knows to become a great player in the future. EFX Rating: B+


Barry Cofield
It seems that we made no effort to get him. For me, it’s a big mistake putting all your eggs in only one basket. We should have negotiated with all the good options available, and of course Cofield was a great one! Losing him to the Reds pissed me off a lot, but I can live with that and let it go… EFX Rating: C-


Albert Haynesworth
Let me start saying I was a NO ALBERT since the beginning of this discussion. No doubts about his talent, he is a dominant guy if motivated. However, I was always very concerned about his character and ethics and I’m pretty sure this rotten apple would poison all the others. But ok, EFX tried to sign him, period. Now let me think a little… you go after this player who fits your major need at the entire field, and lose him to a team who doesn’t need him this big!? It starts looking as a huge inability to close good deals from our front-office. EFX Rating: C-


Brandon Mebane
Since Cofield was gone, Mebane was the best DT available in free agency. (And let me point that a lot of Broncos’ fans thought he was the best even considering Cofield available). Now again, it’s our major need… so we expect our front-office to go very heavy to sign him, right? Wrong... he returns to Seattle for a 5year contract with 5Mil a year. C’mon, if EFX don’t think the best DT available worths this money, how much money they wanted to pay him!? Repeating one more time: this is our major need! EFX Rating: D


Amobi Okoye
Maybe to erase the flop of all the DTs talked above, maybe to smokescreen something which I don’t understand… but it’s a fact that the Broncos showed some interest on Okoye. I admit I was kinda optimistic about it finally, since he would be a nice fit to a 4-3 defense as we can’t sign Cofield or Mebane anymore. He was not my top wishlisted player, but I would be pleased with his sign. However, take a shot about it… he is now a Bear! I’m getting really tired of everything. People tell me to don’t be mad with our front-office so far, but it’s impossible to do it. I can’t let it all go, I simply can’t live with all! EFX Rating: D


Cullen Jenkins
He is a great fit to our defense. We need a guy to plug immediately and have the job accomplished. We had a few options to do it, but now all we have is him. If we don’t sign him, I strongly fear about our next season. We need a top-tier DT, at least one! [I've just read that he is an Eagle now. So our only hope is Ty Warren] EFX Rating: D


Kyle Orton
If there is a topic that really drives me crazy, it’s the Kyle Orton one. I’m not the part of the Broncos’ world who hate him. Quite the contrary, I think yes he is a good proven QB. However, I don’t think he is the future. IMO he is very lethargic and will never be able to win a championship even if he was playing for the Packers. I really don’t want him as a Bronco anymore, mostly because of his hit at our salary cap. But ok, I respect EFX and everybody who tell me that he should start on the next season. That’s was what Elway said some months ago (when he said that "FOR NOW Orton is the starter" or something near this, when he was signed as our vice-president), but that’s not what EFX tell me now when they put Kyle on the trading block. For me it means "we don’t want Kyle anymore". So with this point already understood here, how the hell can us staying stuck with him on the roster, while Kevin was traded as a big pirate’s treasure and a lot of golden coins!? Orton isn’t worse than Kolb, so what different move did the Eagle’s front-office that ours couldn’t? It really sux to me and I’m very abset with that! EFX Rating: E


Matt Prater
Prater was tendered and signed his tender some hours ago. I really don’t think any franchise would pay the 2nd round pick to take him, so ok it was a good move. But wasn’t more profitable to sign an extend contract with him? Why not a 5 year contract? We are very well served with Prater and there are no similar level Kickers available, so we should hold him with a long term contract fair enough for the both sides. EFX Rating: B


All the draft picks signed
Our front-office signed all our 9 picks of the draft. Good. But I don’t give them all the credits about this. Thank you new rookies wage scale for that, period. If this new CBA wasn’t happened to help us on this task, I can’t even imagine what other problems we would be having about the signs and some holdouts. EFX Rating: B+


Nnamdi Asomugha and Darren Sproles
It’s very sad, but unfortunately I think those two were the best improve for the Broncos in free agency. Now we don’t have to throw the opposite side of Asomugha twice a season, neither have to see Sproles running lots and lots of yards twice a season. I really would like it to be a very small part of our benefits, but for now it’s the big one in free agency. EFX Overall Rating: D


John Elway as a QB is my hero, but I’m very abset with the poor job of our front-office after the draft. Let's hope it gets better... 


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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