Is there seriously an Orton Outrage starting???

I don't like to wake up earlier than I intend on getting up, but it happened this morning. Ugh. Good news is that at least there was some entertaining things to see. Like this sudden outrage to Orton being the starter by a minority here on MHR - who are most certainly entitled to their opinions, as we all are here at this lovely site. However I just don't see the logic in the anti-Orton sentiment. All I see is emotional outrage, anywhere from being a personal grudge against Orton for particular games last year to the delusion that he's damaging the Broncos long term by staying on our roster (which is the funniest one yet). I just don't see any logic in it. 

I see cranky, spoiled fans again that want it their way. Armchair coaching/managing from troll nation. News Flash. The Shanahan Era has ended, and so has the idea of choosing favorites. We're not going to start Tim Tebow just because that's what sounds fun and entertaining. Shanahan started Cutler, because he just wanted the guy to start getting experience, when a legitimate number of people thought we could have put together another strong season by sticking with Plumber. But Shanahan cracked under the pressure of having the start the young guy and so he did. And where were we three years later? Mediocre, with Cutler showing flashes and still throwing red zone picks and tanking our flimsy defense.

Let's not repeat history. The way I see it, Denver doesn't have a better choice than starting Kyle Orton. Because Tim Tebow isn't good enough. Kyle isn't keeping Tim Tebow from starting. Tim Tebow is keeping himself from starting by not being better than Orton. Unless you "ship Orton folks" are suggesting we go the Shanahan route and play favorites, and just give Tim the nod because of the pressure of fans to see him (the coaches have a very good idea of what they have in Tebow, we should be trusting them!). Kyle gives us a better chance to win now.

Oh whats that you say? We're not going to the playoffs/superbowl anyways? So it doesn't matter if we play better now. We should be working on our long term development? Then why not let Kyle start strong, and pull us an early season/mid-preseason trade when he shows he's doing well and other teams (like Miami) have a chance to see what they're putting on the field and regret going with mediocre QB's when they could have Kyle Orton for a reasonable price (3rd or 2nd rounder). It shouldn't matter if we do that right? If this season doesn't matter anyways? What's it going to hurt to spend a couple preseason games letting them compete, seeing what we have in all 3 QBs, and helping incite an Orton trade? 

That's where I don't follow the anti-Orton logic. If people are so worried about the long term picture of the Broncos, then why not see what we have in preseason games before throwing Tebow into the saddle first of all. Second, we'd give a team time to really evaluate the mess (Miami) they are trying to pass off as a winning offense and rethink not going for Orton. 

So you see. Dumping Orton now to start Tebow WILL hurt us long run, because it tosses out the chance of a preseason trade for Orton. It's called PATIENCE people! I want Tebow to start as badly as you all do! But not for free, not the Shanahan way. If he can't win the starting job, then he needs to wait. Aaron Rodgers uprooted Farve because he was showing very good promise in the wings and they were just done risking it with Farve's gunslinging ways. Tebow has shown exciting play, but not consistency, and he still needs obvious work in areas. He shouldn't be the starting QB right now. Can you imagine what kind of message you'd send to the lockerroom when the better player sits on the bench while the "favorite" gets to start. I can tell you, it wouldn't be pretty. That's like going back to high school football and seeing the coachs son get the starting nod over a better player on the team. NOBODY liked that growing up, and nobody likes it in the NFL.

So until somebody can offer a LEGITIMATE reason as to why we shouldn't be starting Kyle Orton (at least until all trade possibilities are dead - at the VERY least) I just don't want to hear about this nonsense of picking favorites. Cause that's all it is. Trade for Orton is STILL possible, and Tebow will get more time to learn and develop when the pressure to win isn't squarely on his shoulders yet. When he's showing enough signs of promise, the FO will make him the starter, don't you doubt it for a second. But if he isn't showing enough yet, then it means we should keep Kyle up front and show the rest of the players on our team that HARD WORK GETS REWARDED, not draft position, or how excited you get the fans. I remember getting jazzed up when Robert Ayers suplexed Jamaal Charles, but I garuntee you the coaches gave him a hard time about it, because that kind of stuff draws flags and hurts the team. It's not about what looks good, or personal preferences. It's about inspiring your players to work hard, because hard work is what wins championships, not prima-donna players.

Josh McDaniels didn't do much well when he was here. But shipping out the prima-donna players of Cutler, Marshall, Scheffler, etc WERE good moves for the "long term development" of the Denver Broncos. So to the Tebow enthusiasts like myself. BE PATIENT. Let the preseason and UFA play itself out. If Tebow doesn't show enough between now and September 12th, then he doesn't DESERVE to start, and nobody gets a free ride in this league. The only other argument I see with any form of logic in it, is that we're wasting money paying KO to start that we could be spending in UFA on Defensive Tackles. Again, logic flawed. When was the last time you saw Denver sign an UFA Defensive Tackle that became a core player on the team and implemental in our success? Ummm... Neil Smith maybe? Which was a SPECIAL situation, and also had a team READY TO WIN. Any DT that is worth his salt gets resigned by his team - see Brandon Mebane. The rest are discarded for a reason. The only time a team can usually pull a top talent DT is when they have a team that is ready to WIN NOW. We are not that team. I will hope and pray and wish that we make some amazing playoff run this year. But my expectations are pretty limited this year.

I know the tendency after the McDaniels Era is to doubt the FO. But have patience. They know what they are doing. Just wait and let preseason play out. Stop calling for Kyle Orton's proverbial head and lets just see what happens. The only way that Kyle doesn't start this year if we can't trade him is if Fox pulls a Shanahan and THAT is not good for a lockerroom. You wonder why we couldn't sign any great FA's during the end of Shanny's reign? Cause it was country club central. I bet players didn't think they would get a fair shake here. If we don't reward hard work and effort with our FO decisions, how in the hell do you expect the team to show it during the season? Sure they want to win, but this is also their JOB. They are still flawed human beings just like the rest of us, and we all act primarily because we're trying to survive or seeking a personal benefit - or even a benefit of those around us. But we don't act if there isn't a benefit or a reason. Let's keep the standard high. 

Tebow is an extremely hard worker, and extremely driven. He WILL uproot Orton and earn the starting job. If he doesn't... well than maybe he isn't the guy the fanbase currently think he is. Maybe he needs more time. Kyle gives us that time. That precious time that is worth more than 9mil of free agency money. So knock off the nonsense already, be patient, and wait for good things to happen. Complaining to the collective ears of Mile High Report isn't going to get Tebow the starting job. It's just going to annoy the crap out of the majority, ESPECIALLY when the argument has little if any logic or sound reasoning. 

We all get that you want to see Tebow start. He is exciting! He has promise! We all see that too! Most everyone here wants him to start too! We're not AGAINST you. We're just against that minority that wants to kick Orton and essentially all "hard working veterans that are beating out their rookie counterparts" to the curb in lieu of a "fan favorite". Anyhow. Enough ranting for me. Just please have some patience MHR. At least let Kyle show us a hint of a reason to move him out of the way. So far he hasn't done that. And I don't want to hear hearsay about him requesting a trade or yada yada. Nobody has the facts on that but the FO, and the FO wants to start Kyle. That means they think it is best for our team, healthy, and is doing the right thing by our Broncos. 

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