MHR Staffers Get Opinionated On Free Agency

MileHighReport was built for a single purpose: For the Bronco fans all around the world to be able to come to a single place and talk Bronco football. It doesn't matter where you live, what race you are, or how many years you have been a Bronco fan, as long as you cheer for the Orange and Blue on Sundays, you're welcome here. Come share your opinion with hundreds of Bronco fans. All opinions are welcome (as long as they are stated with a civil attitude). With this simple premise, MileHighReport has become the home for Bronco fans all over the world. I can certainly say it's become my home. Maybe not a physical "home", but they say "home is where the heart is" and on Sundays, my heart is here watching (or yelling at) Bronco games with all of you. We all have a voice here at MHR. Some of us, such as myself, are more vocal in what we think. Others are more quiet.

With all that being said, the other day I was thinking of the Tim Tebow/Kyle Orton situation yet again. I went on MHR for the 50th time the other day and it was then that I realized that I didn't really know what any of the staffers thought about a number of Bronco issues. I became very curious. How is it possible that I didn't know the opinions of the men whose writing is on the front page of my favorite website? A bit ironic isn't it? So I took it upon myself and emailed the staffers asking them their opinions on a number of Bronco related topics. The results were very interesting to say the least. Interested to hear the results? Jump below and find out what the opinions are of the MHR staffers.

Before we get into their responses, you have to know who responded. Well, I was able to contact and get answers from Brian Shrout, Tim Lynch, Kaptain Kirk, Troy Hufford, Sayre Bedinger, Jezru, Maxwellsdemon, and mdierk.

Now the next logical question is, what questions did they answer? Well, here is the first set of questions I asked them.


Assuming the new CBA makes the players free agents after 4 years, pick 3-5 players who you MOST want the Broncos to sign. Keep in mind the players the Broncos will be losing in free agency (Marcus Thomas, Matt Prater, etc).

Also, if you can, pick 1 Undrafted College Free Agent that you want the Broncos to pick up.



Brian Shrout

 I would definitely like to keep Matt Prater and Justin Bannan. Additionally, I would like to keep Britton Colquitt  Ryan Clady, Brandon Lloyd, and Joe Mays whose contracts expire sometime in the 2011-2013.

I would also advocate going after DeAngelo Williams.

College Free Agent: I'm not familiar with the college free agents so I don't really have an opinion at all.


Tim Lynch

Ryan Harris- We're too thin up front and how soon we all forget how much we complained about there being "no continuity" on the line.

Marcus Thomas- DT's take a while to develop and I'd hate to get rid of him early beforfe he's had a chance to be under one system two years in a row.

Matt Prater- Duh

Wesley Woodyard- Great role player and STer. Worth the money to keep him.
The Broncos never go after the "big fish" Free Agent anymore, so I'm going to keep my list short with the most likely John Fox candidates:

RB DeAngelo Williams DT Nick Hayden, and any backup Offensive Tackle who has starting experience.

College Free Agent: Name the last undrafted Bronco player to matter? Rod Smith and its been 16 years. Is there a Rod Smith out there?

Kaptain Kirk

a) Brandon Mebane, SEA b) Barry Cofield, NYG c) Daniel Muir, IND d) Justin Bannan
a)Brandon Jackson , GB
b)Michael Bush , OAK c) DeAngleo Williams, Carolina
Note: If the Broncos go after DeAngelo (which could happen), it will mean they have no confidence in Knowshon Moreno. To obtain DW, they will have to pay him more than Knowshon is making, ergo DeAngelo would be coming here to start.

College Free Agent: Mario Fannin, RB, Auburn

Troy Hufford

I'd like to see Marcus Thomas return along with Prater and Amobi Akoye.

Marcus Thomas will give us depth along arguably the worst DT unit in the league.

Prater is a given need. We need a kicker like him, especially in the thin air of mile high.

Okoye is one that I may be alone on. He is an ex-louisville cardinal, so I'm probably a bit biased, but the talent and youth are apparent... not to mention the Doom connection.

College Free Agent: None

Sayre Bedinger

Barry Cofield, Brandon Mebane, Michael Bush, Ryan Harris, DeAngelo Williams

College Free Agent: John Clay/ Dane Sanzenbacher


Ryan Harris, Matt Prater, Marcus Thomas and Wesley Woodyard were extended qualifying offers on March 2nd and I'd love for all of them to return. Especially, Prater ,Woodyard and Harris. 

I know Harris got a bit of a bum rap for his play last year, but I just have a feeling that he can improve his level of play and be a contributor for years to come. 

I like the intensity that Woodyard brings. I think he could play a role and contribute with our recent draft acquisitions at LB. 

Prater makes field goals - we don't need to add to the uncertainty of next season by not signing him.

College Free Agent: None



Prater I think is a must.

Michael Bush, I know he's tendered, but he's a fantastic young back whole excels in short yardage situations an also has got some burst, and he doesn't have the character issues or injury questions White has.

Brandon Mebane is without question, at least in my mind, the best DT in FA, and that is why I think he will be unlikely to leave Seattle, or not head to a team he can see winning now. Mebane has said he wants to return to Seattle and Seattle has said they want him back, so while I want him for the Broncos, he seems unlikely.

Wesley Woodard is another one I'd like to see back, he wouldn't be too expensive, and his ability to do decent work at LB and be a great ST guy makes him valuable in my book.

College Free Agent: I really like the potential of Martin Parker, a DT from Richmond, and while he might not make the team, if there was a year we needed as many DT's in TC as possible, it would be this year.


The free agents I want signed/re-signed are:  Matt Prater (still a young guy and a pretty dependable kicker), Marcus Thomas (could be an all-pro in this defensive alignment), Brandon Mebane (Seachickens) and Antonio Johnson (Colts). 

Denver will only be able to afford one big-name DT and Mebane is the guy.  If Mebane re-signs with Seattle, then get Barry Cofield from the Giants.  Johnson would be a serviceable DT.  All of the rest of the defensive positions were addressed in the draft. 

For offense, I think picking up a RB would be the only position that is of total need.  I think they will go for value instead of price so I could see a guy like Jason Snelling.  Denver needs a bruiser of a RB especially if LenDale White is not fully recovered from his Achilles tear.

College Free Agent: Cedric Thornton would be a good candidate for Denver to pick-up.  He may only end up on the practice squad this year.



A wide array of responses, but there were quite a few similarities.

6 staffers want to bring back Matt Prater.

4 staffers want to(or would be open to) sign DeAngelo Williams

4 staffers want to sign Brandon Mebane

3 staffers want to bring back Wesley Woodyard

3 staffers want to bring back Marcus Thomas

3 staffers want to sign Michael Bush

2 staffers want to bring back Ryan Harris

2 staffers want to sign Barry Cofield


MileHighReport Staffers Official Free Agent Target List:


RB DeAngelo Williams, Michael Bush, Jason Snelling, Brandon Jackson

OT Ryan Harris

DT Brandon Mebane, Marcus Thomas, Barry Cofield, Justin Bannan, Pat Hayden, Antonio Johnson, Daniel Muir, Amobi Akoye

LB Wesley Woodyard

K Matt Prater

Undrafted Free Agent Target List:

Mario Fannin, RB Auburn

Martin Parker, DT, Richmond

Dane Sanzebacher, WR, Ohio St

John Clay, FB, Wisconsin

Cedric Thornton, DT, Southern Arkansas


Those are the opinions the MHR staffers have on Free Agency. Stay tuned. Next time, MHR staffers will answer these questions:

Do you think Tim Tebow will be the starter? Do you think Kyle Orton will be traded?
Do you think Kyle Orton should be traded? What price would it take for YOU to trade Orton?
Assume Orton is traded, take a guess as to where you think he will end up.

Next up: MHR Staffers Get Opinionated On Tim Tebow vs Kyle Orton

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