Denver Broncos News - Horse Tracks - 7/6/11



NFL Lockout Agreement Could Come From Bargaining Table Or Courtroom -
Players could reach an agreement with owners and drop their suit against the league. Or, the two parties could settle the suit, with the court looking on. The former option seems more likely, since the court wouldn't have to be involved.

Tim Tebow, Broncos work out at Valor Christian High School | All Things Broncos
Work on a preps project took us to Valor Christian High School this morning, where we met with Christian McCaffrey and his mom, Lisa.

Casual camps helpful to Broncos' offensive linemen - The Denver Post
As the Broncos stand inert today waiting for the NFL lockout to end, its uncertain whether Tim Tebow or Kyle Orton will start at quarterback and their starting running back may not be on the roster yet.

Paperwork piles up - The Denver Post
Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith will conduct NFL labor talks this week after letting the lawyers handle paperwork for two days.

Q&A: Terrelle Pryor won't be on the Broncos' radar if the NFL has a supplemental draft this year - The Denver Post
Will the Broncos be interested in selecting former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor if the NFL has a supplemental draft this summer?

Broncos player workouts during NFL lockout continue, but change | All Things Broncos
On Monday, quarterback Tim Tebow was one of the Broncos who worked out with the likes of Schiechl. And Tebow was back there Tuesday, working with other players more casually.

Fantasy Football - 2011 Fantasy outlooks: Denver Broncos :
That's quite a to-do list for new Denver coach John Fox. All he needs is to pick a starting QB, establish a running game and fix a broken defense. Jamey Eisenberg breaks down the Denver Broncos and points out a few players to keep in mind on Draft Day.

Wellington Webb: Don't let the stock show get away - The Denver Post
Theres a popular song with the lyrics: "Dont it always seem to go/that you dont know what you got till its gone." For all of us who grew up with the National Western Stock Show in Denver and those who proudly call Denver home, we must consider all of the arguments before letting a 105-year-old institution leave the Mile High City.

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