Denver Broncos News - Horse Tracks - 7/9/11



Q&A: Court ruling doesn't have huge impact in NFL lockout - The Denver Post
Todays question comes from Kyle W. in Aurora: Does Fridays court ruling help get a deal done in the NFL lockout?

Under new coach Fox, Broncos will likely be ground-oriented - The Denver Post
From the time Chris Kuper became a starting right guard, he has blocked for a Broncos team that has passed so much, it often passed on first-down rushing attempts.

Pete Duranko Passes At 67 - News Story - WJAC Johnstown
JOHNSTOWN -- Johnstown-native and star defensive end for Notre Dame and Denver Broncos passed away Friday after an 11-year battle with Lou Gehrig's Disease. Saturday, July 9, 2011.

Kyle Orton moves out of his home -
Kyle Orton is on the move. While Orton has not been traded -- yet --, neighbors say he moved out of the house he was leasing in Denver which could mean one of two things.

Hamilton girl to go to Disney resort or meet Denver Broncos this fall - Keokuk's Daily Gate
HAMILTON, Ill. – A little girl in Hamilton, Ill., has been granted a wish by the Make A Wish Foundation.

NFL free agency spending could come fast and furious - Don Banks -
When a new CBA is at last forged and the focus returns to football, what promises to be as unique a free agency period as any in NFL history will undoubtedly take center stage.

Fox Knows "Deep Down" Who Sits Atop Broncos QB Depth Chart | Football News Now
Fox’s comments are spoonfuls of speculation to fuel the Broncos QB controversy fire as Orton struggled last year on third downs and late in close games. Conversely Tim Tebow, isn’t the prototypical pocket quarterback that will "wow" people in practice, but made plays in games when given the opportunity and leadership is the tag most frequently associated with him.

NFL lockout: Republicans 2, Democrats 1 | All Things Broncos
The ruling was by 2-to-1 vote: Judges Steven M. Colloton and William Duane Benton, who were both appointed by Republican president George W. Bush (the younger one) backed the capitalists, I mean the NFL owners. Judge Kermit Edward Bye, who was appointed by Democratic president Bill Clinton, ruled for the players union, decertification notwithstanding. 

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