Food for Thought: Lets look at the roster!

Hi Guys,



Short post, and just for all of us to look at from a different light.



I dont know what happened, but I went to bed and woken up a fresh about our team. An epiphany? A vision? MHR Radio?....actually , it was a quote from Foxy about having 2 1st rounders in the backfield, Cecil and KK's camp reports that got me thinking....we are quietly becoming a REALLY stacked roster...full of 1st, 2nd and 3rd round talents.....lets check the list:


Thats 24 guys with a HIGH ROUND selection. Now, the next interesting thing is that many of our play makers and SOLID starter are guys that went in round lower than that (Brandon Lloyd in the 4th, Chris Kuper in the 5th, Kyle Orton in the 4th, Elvis Dumervil in the 4th, team captains Wesley Woodyard as a UFA and Haggan in the 7th).

Next interesting thing....the guys that we took in the draft in LATER rounds either were team captains and/ or had high round grades and then had BAD combines. For example, Jeremy Beal was looked at as a late 1st/ early 2nd round pick before a BAD combine. Quinton Carter went in the 4th, but had a late 1st/ 2nd round grade until a bad combine time. Mike Mohammed was unquestioned leader of his defense. Then you have guys like Virgil Green and Julius Thomas bring incredible athleticism. Mario Fannin brings an extraordinary skill set that was not used by Auburn because of Cam Newton and a freshman running back. All the lower round picks has specific skill sets: be it athletic or leadership based

So, in many of our play making spots, we have highly talented and recruited guys. Our grizzled veterans Bailey and Dawkins are future Hall of Famers.

But wait, we still are weak at DT. Yes, nice question. But I have done some research. Here are 2 great articles by Worthington here and Rodney here that break down DT's under Fox. What is interesting to note is this fact: He only had 3 guys that were drafted in the first 3 rounds. One he inherited in Brentson Buckner. Another he drafted in Kris Jenkins. The other was Damoine Lewis who was a 1st round flop at DE in 2001 and Foxy got him to be SERVICEABLE DT in 2008 and 2009. His other starters were low round picks OR UFA's at DT.

Last interesting point: Foxy history of HIGH ROUND (1st - 3rd) has revolved around running backs, Defensive Backs, Wide Recievers and Offensive Linemen. It is clear where he sees the need for his high round draft picks.

In conclusion, we are sneakily becoming VERY stacked again, especially at our play making spots. Foxy is going back to the well again with Ty Warren...a former 1st round pick in a different scheme but has the leadership and skill set that suits his scheme.

I panicked......there I admit it....but with some research its clear what Fox is doing. is a new day....get Ty Warren and I will be pumped!

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