EFX Needs to Make It A Fair Fight...better yet

EFX needs to make the quarterback competition a fair fight but better yet they need to fully invest and commit to grooming Tim Tebow to start.  Just like they needed to play him to find out what they had last season, they need to fully invest in grooming him to get to his full starter potential.

As Portia pointed out in previous post, Cam Newton is getting the works over in Carolina to get him prepared.  He has a full team of people.  There will be no starters with reservations about whether he can start because they are preparing him. 

Tebow definitely needs to be groomed by his QB coach and personal team to get back to what works for him with his throw.  I believe the only thing wrong with his throw now is he trying to install progression reads with quickness and trying not to make a mistake.  Tebow is a very accurate passer.  As the article points out...his production rivaled Peyton Manning in college. 

It's simply a mistake that the previous front office made prior to Elway and probably due to McDaniels that they didn't properly invest in their first round draft pick Tebow.  McDaniels was consumed with problems from day one with injuries in training camp and he was overwhelmed with all decisions of the team.  If McDaniels had actually played Tebow earlier in the season, raw and all, its arguable that McDaniels might have saved his job for awhile longer because Tebow isn't a 2-3 year project.  He was ready for playing time last year.

This whole make him earn it...isn't what should happen to your future franchise QB that you must groom.  While I did detect hesitancy and noncommittal from Elway initially when he came on board regarding hasn't been detectable for quite some time.  Elway and Fox and Xanders were perfectly willing to trade Orton and go with Tebow.  It was in the plans.  Tebow has support in the building.  Lombardi later tweeted that he never said anything about them trading Tebow.  Tebow had team support as well:  1st String Recievers didn't get flown out by Tebow to throw with him because they didn't believe he could start.  Members of Tebow's 1st String O-Line didn't accompany Tebow on the red carpet at the Espy's because they had no belief he could be the starting quarterback.  

Where did that Lombardi comment come from about Tebow not having support?  I think all options were being pushed around regarding Tebow and Orton and the future franchise QB won out over Orton's FA option next year and they agreed to trade him.  When that didn't happen and <strong>on top of the lockout </strong>which prevented any grooming from taking place, they settled for Orton.

The Press is putting blood in the water...trying to self -fulfill it's own prophesy.  Elway's direct quotes are the rebuttal to all of the articles out  there.  Not only would Elway not give up on Tebow, he clearly states that Tebow's unique skills are the same skills that aided him in getting the Broncos to many Superbowls.  And he reiterates that passing from the pocket has to be Tebow's goal to win Superbowls.  Elway praises Tebow's hard work to improve and acknowledges the obstacle of the lockout that impaired Tebow's exceleration of progress.  Fox strongly praised Tebow's effort after the scrimmage on saturday.  Xanders said last friday that Tebow (or Quinn) would be the starter had the trade gone through for Orton.

It appears that  EFX just needs to shrug off the mistakes made prior to Elway and McD and Fox...and groom Tebow to be the one.   They appear to be caught in a very old football way of thinking that benching your player and making him watch and fight for a spot is a way to develop talent.   It's not.  The Panthers seem to know that.  Hopefully EFX figure that out soon. 

When they do, not only will they groom Tebow for passing in the pocket, but they will build the offense around his unique abilities by incorporating some form of the spread offense.   In Tebow's last start against the Chargers, Philip Rivers wasn't predominantly undercenter. Nope.  Rivers was predominantly in the shotgun gameday stats 

That isn't to say that Tebow should predominantly go from the shotgun or that EFX should abandon or dumb down the offense to suit Tebow's current level or most proficient current style of play.  EFX should groom Tebow to be a pocket passer and add more weapons to their arsenal by utilizing the unique talent that they have. 

Tebow did not get the focus of a 1st round draft pick under McDaniels because he was under the gun.  Tebow out performed expectations in his 3 starts under enormous trial ( a Black Hole debut, coach fired, limited in throwing).   Tebow sat the bench and was only used for packages that did not groom him to excelerate his training.   The lockout set back the training further.  For there to be a fair fight...between a rookie and a six year vet in a QB battle, Tebow should get the grooming of a 1st round draft pick and future franchise QB.



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