What Movie will the Broncos be in 2011?

Being a bit of a movie fan, I like to relate experiences using scenes from well-known movies. For example:-

Watching Orton last year was a bit like an above average teen horror flick. It was pretty solid and entertaining, until it was third down, when you sort of knew what was coming when the attractive female was in a dark room:

"…NO,no,no…. Don’t go do that, don’t go around the…. Awwwww…... I *told* you not to go around that corner!"

I know that I’ll be berated with a whole heap of stats about how my foggy eyes were deceiving me, but I did get to the point where looked away from the screen more than once on 3rd down.

Watching Tebow was a bit like watching an early M. Night Shyamalan movie. Unconventional, thrilling stuff, with some twists in there. Of course, now the real question is does he go from being a smash hit (i.e "Sixth Sense") to a total bust ("The Happening") with everyone in a daze wondering "what the…", I was so excited, this sucks, and can I get my money back?

Training camp (to me) is a bit like a movie preview, where a really crappy movie can look fantastic, and a really great movie can look terrible too. It’s all about context, editing, and some really cool music from the 80’s that sounds good for 15 seconds played really loud, but that’s about it. Even the press (not MHR) reviews are suspect… after all it’s all business, and you never know who is really doing someone a favor (or not). I’ll wait till the main event(s), before I start throwing popcorn at the screen.

What sort of movie do you think the Broncos will be this year? Any of the following?

Star Wars (IV) - The start of a legacy. Not a single superstar was cast, but now looking back now, who can forget any of them?

Star Wars (II) - Very flashy and lots of explosions, but so gut-wrenchingly awful it almost ruined the aforementioned legacy.

The Fifth Element – A bit like our 2009 season. The start was so good you thought it was going to make history, but the second half was ordinary so it sorta left you feeling ‘bleh’. (Translation – a great movie to pass out in front of)

Usual Suspects - A class act from beginning to end.

Slumdog Millionaire – So good, and even better, so completely unexpected.

Inception – You knew it was really really good, even if you didn’t quite understand it…

I could go on – but I’d prefer to hear from you fellas…

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