Sadaraine's no Bull Review: Broncos vs Cowboys

Welcome back Bronco football!  Man it was great getting to see our guys on the field finally.  Unlike some, I quite enjoy the preseason.  The insight it gives me as a fan into who is joining or leaving the team is invaluable.  Jump with me and we'll take a peek at my review of the game and as always minus the BS.

1st Team Offense

  • Orton did well against the blitz - rolled out and hit his hot read like clockwork.  I hope we see more of this from him if he starts cause last year this was a play where he curls into a fetal position and sucks his thumb.
  • O-line really impressed me with their run-blocking.  Holes were being made play after play.  They won the push battle repeatedly.
  • One downside is the goal-line run loss - Franklin choked his block big time and caused us to lose 2 yards.
  • Pass protection looked decent at the end of the drive - if only someone would have gotten open.
1st Team Defense
  • Hopefully this is rust, but I saw a lot of arm tackling from this unit early.  Clean that up guys!
  • The cowboys ran a great screen early.  I think it was a matter of the right play being called against the wrong defense.  That whole right side looked like they were dropping into zones and the line didn't contain at all.
2nd Team Offense
  • Why do we run a QB draw in the preseason?  This seems horrible to me...risky for our QB getting injured in my opinion.
  • O-line drop off is big to the 2nd team - they weren't getting good push or making holes for the RBs.
  • Ball needs to go  - he keeps running into the defense.  There seems to be a big lack of vision on his part.  I know the line didn't do him any favors, but make a move and don't just plow into a guy for 1 yard.
  • White did the same thing, though not as much and he had one play where he actually pushed through some arm tackles.
  • Tebow's accuracy was just awful.  I can see why he isn't starting right now.  We had some easy screen passes for him or dump offs in the flat and he was throwing them all over the place.  The plays still got yardage and were wins, but it was because of the play of the guys he was throwing to...if he is more accurate those plays go for much more yards and possibly TDs.
  • Tebow also isn't even doing well on his reads - he locks on to one read and just goes after that.  This is the area that will make or break him as a NFL QB and so far he is failing.  You have to look off safeties, progress through reads and see the field.  He isn't doing much of this.
  • His play-action pass to Willis was almost picture perfect though.  Great play call and great execution by the offense.  The line gave him time, he sold the run, and Willis turned on the jets to get the completion.
  • I do like seeing Tebow in the red zone.  THAT is where he is capable right now.  We'd be crazy not to use him in the red zone regularly during this season in my opinion.
  • Liked seeing Fox interact with him on the sideline.  It tells me Fox is being a good coach and wants him to succeed. 
2nd String Defense
  • Vaughn had some plays get away from him late in the game, but he was playing very solid most of the game.  He was on his WR's hip and being disruptive without getting PI most of the night.
  • Jarmon looked like he had a solid bull rush - blew up the pocket on one play.
  • McCarthy also impressed me tonight.  He had solid coverage on a 3rd and 2 to get the team off the field, then he later made a sack and was overall around the ball when he was on the field.
  • D-line looked decent for the 2nd stringers.  I am getting quite hopeful that we will have at least a mediocre defense this year which is all I want for Christmas this year!
3rd String Offense
  • Let's start off with the obvious:  Quinn played the best of all three QBs tonight.  He was going through progressions, zipping the ball around, throwing accurately, etc.  Granted it was against the defensive scrubs, but I hope we get to see him play with the 2nd team and / or 1st team sometime this preseason so we can see what he's got more.  He deserves to be our back-up based off what I saw in this game.
  • Jeremiah Johnson looks like a keeper.  He ran with vision and explosion.  I would like to see him get some snaps with the 2nd and 1st teams.  He seems like a vast upgrade over Ball.
  • Riley had a great catch in the back of the end zone.  Too bad he's on this team as we are just stacked with talent at WR. 
  • Gronkowski catch fail - again he showed brick hands on an early pass from Quinn that should have been a completion.  I wouldn't mind seeing him let go at cut day.
3rd String Defense
  • Jones looked just pathetic all night long.  If you want a cornerback who plays soft and always lets his guy catch the ball, then tackles him 2 - 5 yards later, then this is your guy.  He can't leave our team soon enough.  You play against 3rd stringers and they eat you alive?  You don't belong in the NFL.  That's just the honest truth.
  • This d-line just got manhandled.  This is why we lost the game honestly.  They couldn't stop the run or put pressure on the passer consistently at all.  Meh...what do you expect from the 3rd string?
  • Hunter was a bright spot late.  If he keeps performing like this, I don't see how we can not keep a spot for him on the roster.
Special Teams
  • Not much to say here which is always a good thing with the ST.  Kickers looked pretty darn good.
  • Coverage was solid most of the night, though poor tackling late.
  • Returners weren't really doing much, but to be fair the kickers had great hang time all night.

That's it for this week.  Banter with me in the comments, and feel free to point out things I may have missed.  Go Broncos!

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