Time to Kick Tebow Out of the Nest and On to the Field


For my first post on the site I thought I'd pick a non-controversial topic. :-)

No one buys a Dodge Viper just so they can keep it in the garage forever. They buy it so they can take that sweet performance machine out on the road and let it do its thing. And my friends, even though may be a little scary at first, it is time to dump the clutch and let loose all 500 HP of Tim Tebow. We drafted him for a reason and I for one want to see what he can do with a full season as starting QB. Think I've lost my mind? Read below and decide.

1. What are our goals this season? 

I'm talking best-case scenario from those of us who don't have a koolaid-stache from ear to ear. My vision for our team is to clinch a wild card berth in the playoffs, stage a beatdown on the Raiders until they beg for mercy, and make Phyllis Rivers cry himself to sleep in the fetal position after being crushed between Von and Doom (please God!). I hope most of us can agree this is still a rebuilding year for us with a new head coach, front office leadership, young defense, etc. We aren't Superbowl caliber team yet and we will be fortunate to make the playoffs regardless of who is our QB. I would rather give Tebow the reigns now and run the risk of being aboard the Denver Deathstar this year than give Orton control of the offense for another 6-10 season.

2. What have we got to lose?

Besides our sanity, I don't think we are risking a whole lot by taking a chance on Tebow. Best case scenario is that he proves everyone wrong, learns from his mistakes, and becomes what we drafted him to be: a defensive coordinator's worst nightmare. Worst case scenario is that we have a horrible season, miss the playoffs, trade Tebow in the offseason (or keep him?) and pick up Andrew Luck in the draft. Remember, Peyton threw 28 INTs his rookie year, but he got better. A lot better. Tebow will improve on his mistakes as well.

3. Has any defense has ever said, "Crap guys...we play Orton this week!"

If we are going to be successful, we need to be unpredictable. Tebow brings that element to the game and I think that gives us a better chance to win games than Kyle Orton's style of "managing the game." I don't want someone who can manage a game. I'm sick of field goals in the red zone. I want a QB that can make us jump out of our seat in the middle of a crowded restaurant on a Sunday afternoon yelling like crazy people because something GOOD happened. Wait...also sober. Sober joyful yelling is what I want this year.

4. Do you think Orton is going to show us anything we haven't seen before?

Ask yourself when the last time Orton got you pumped up. Yeah, I can't remember either. Probably in '09 before we blew 8 straight games. Tebow isn't going to show us anything we want to see if he stays where he is on the depth chart. Orton is gone after this year anyway so lets figure out if we stick with Tebow or whether we go with Andrew Luck next year. If everything goes helter skelter the Broncos can always blame McDaniels for picking a chance on Tebow in the first place.

In closing, I guess what I'm trying to say is that as a Denver native and life-long fan, the thought of having a lukewarm season makes me want to puke. Last year, I sat at Hooters in Omaha for 3 hours after eating at the casino buffet for my grandmother's birthday just to watch every minute of the Raiders thrashing us at Investco last year. At the time I did it so that I would never forget why I hated Josh McDaniels. Now I realize I also did it to remind myself in the future to be open to change and taking chances because that can make a huge difference.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on these points Bronco Nation. GO BRONCOS!

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