Be Real Broncos

It's a brand new season and the unexpected will happen yet again. No one could have predicted the Tampa Bay Bucs or KC Chiefs of last year. I'm excited to see how things unfold for our brand new Broncos. Before that, there's a couple things that have been bothering me about our Broncos, MSM and even "fans". I want to go over a couple hot topics such as Matt Prater, Knowshon Moreno and of course our QB situation. A situation that's actually a good thing to have. Though controversial, at least we're not San Francisco, Carolina, Buffalo, etc...Jump on over!

People are bashing Prater because of the drinking and driving. Even suggest calling a cab or having a limousine service drive him around. Now I’m not condoning his actions at all, but I’m trying to be realistic here. How many of you actually call for a cab ride home EVERY SINGLE time you go out for a few drinks. All the while, leaving your car behind overnight and then needing to get a ride back to your car the next day. To be honest, I’ve NEVER done so. Yea yea, we should always have a designated driver, but how many of you cherish to have that position? Who looks forward to going out with friends and family to watch everyone else drinking and having a good time? Realistically, I don’t know anyone. Sure it happens once in a blue moon, but that’s just not how it happens in real life. Even some of you out there saying Prater is so stupid for what he did, probably have woken up one morning asking “how did I get home?”. It’s always easier to give advice, than use it ourselves. Let’s stop acting so innocent and keep it real. I rarely see cabs outside of night clubs and bars. From the sound of things, the streets should be overflowing with yellow cabs waiting to take home all these people enjoying a night out in the town. Yea yea, “he’s rich, he can afford a driver”. Well, he’s rich and now he has a car that he’s always wanted. Guess what, he’s going to drive his dream car. Again, drinking and driving is a serious offense. But keep it real.  We are all guilty of the same crime. He just happened to get into an accident that night. The stupidest thing he did was drive away.

With all the people hating the Knowshon Moreno pick, at least we didn’t end up with Beanie Wells! 397 yards last year. I remember during the draft that it was 50/50 which running back should be drafted first. I don’t care if you have Adrian Peterson in our backfield. With that running attack we had under Josh, he would have his worst year of his career. You’re not going to many pro bowls after getting hit 2 yards deep in our backfield on half of the plays? I’m excited to see what Knowshon can do this year. He’s made changes and has gotten more dedicated. I’m a little skeptical about all the weight loss, but it shows how hard he has worked in the off season. I’m even more inspired after watching him run against the cowboys. I’m a big fan and really hope he turns it on this year. Though, I have a feeling McGahee is going to be the more productive out of the two.  Who knows? This is a new Knowshon so we’ll have to wait and see when the regular season starts.

I’m starting to understand why McDaniels refused to let Tebow play last year. Even as his impending demise was just on the horizon, he just would not put Tebow in the game. And I couldn’t understand it back then. He was about to lose his job and he didn’t even get to use his prized possession. He must have felt the pressure of possibly losing his job, and he still kept the cover on his hot new Ferrari.

This preseason has opened my eyes. McDaniels saw how poorly Tim was practicing so he never let him touch the field. I’m speculating that McDaniels didn’t want to show the NFL that he had swung and missed for the final out. Little did he know that Tim really was “a gamer”. Josh may not have thought that Tebow would perform like he did the final three games of 2010. Let alone a 17 point comeback along with a 300 yard passing game. The golden standard of the 2010 class, Sam Bradford, broke 300 yards just once all of last year…and of course it was against the Broncos.

I’m hearing that Carolina is doing it “the right way” by putting a team around Cam Newton and letting him play it out. Cam has a chance at starting because he doesn’t have an Orton in front of him. Though he is extremely boring, He is still a quality QB. He’s been mentioned as a possible NFL MVP, but quickly do we forget about the glory days. He was producing and the NFL was taking notice. Unfortunately, the defense was exposed and it was all downhill from there. You don’t get considered for being an MVP just for the heck of it. Only about 5 QB’s get mentioned in MVP conversations regularly. Orton has no more excuses this year. It may be a little early to speculate, but the defense and run game will be extremely improved this year. It’s time to put up or shut up for Orton. As much as I’d like to see Tebow start this year, I’m all for starting Orton and letting Tebow refine his skills. We’re already paying Orton, so use him. I’m already in full belief that Tebow is going to be an NFL star so I’m not worried about having to draft a QB next year.

And now on to Tebow himself…of course. I’m a big fan of Tebow and fully believe in his abilities. Not having an off season with his coaches have clearly negatively affected his maturation. What bothers me to the bone is when people trash his play and are sometimes straight disrespectful. Inaccuracy, inaccuracy, inaccuracy…How about you ask C.C. Sebathia to start pitching with his other hand. See how long it takes him to achieve ideal performance. Tebow was throwing the same way for around 20 years. Now he’s asked to change his motion and everyone expects it to be an instant change without any drawbacks. People crap their pants each time he throws a ball into the ground. Then he goes 6-7 and people even have the audacity to question his accuracy? Guess what, 2-6 is what I call inaccurate, yet not much has been brought up about Orton’s game. At least not to the same degree that Tebow gets. Even questioning his inaccurate pass to Matt Willis on a 3rd and 16 where he threw it a little behind Matt where his only chance to catch the ball was to fall down doing it. 4 yards short. People have the nerve to say that if it was accurate, Matt “would” have had a first down. (according to the poor excuse of a commentary by Dallas). Really? Blame Tebow for an inaccurate COMPLETION and Mayanly predict the receiver would have broken through for an extra 4 yards and a first down. What sickens me most is Cam Newton goes 8-19 and he’s lauded for a positive first outing. The same player that is almost a carbon copy of Tebow and he’s the no brainer 1st pick in the draft. I just don’t understand the pure hate for Tebow. Is it the great image? The work harder attitude that rubs lazy people the wrong way?  I have no clue why the hate is so extreme for an ideal role model.

I actually like the idea of making Tebow go against the first team defense behind the second team offense. Throw him right into the fire. If Tebow were to start a regular season game, other teams will be blitzing him with everything they have. He would be better prepared. We already saw it last year that the defense gives a little extra push and shove when he’s in the pile. I am one of those that go straight to the hardest level. No easing into anything. I like the hardest challenge. I feel that’s the quickest way to improvement. I don’t start a new Madden season on the default pro difficulty. I always go straight to All-Madden. That’s what John Fox is doing with Tebow. I think he needs to be the 2nd string QB because he’s too productive not to use. How many backup QB’s on gameday accounted for 6 TD’s last year? He’s a TD machine.

I apologize for the long write up. Just wanted to get a few things off my chest. These are my personal opinions and I stand by them. I understand there will be contrasting opinions and I welcome them with open arms. Again, it's Super Bowl every year, until we're not...Go Broncos!

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