Behind Orton's best statistical season

Everyone talks about Kyle Orton's 20 TDs  last year. But if you look further into the situations that they came in, they look better than they really are.

6 of those TD passes came when we were down by 10 points or more in losses that ended up being 10 points or more, AKA blow-outs

2 of the TD passes came in the blow-out win against KC (he had 4 total but only 2 when the game was competitive). The first was with the score already at 14-0 and the later with the score 42-17

4 TDs came in games that we were down by 10 or more in the 4th quarter but made the final score appear more competitive than it actually was. The final score was decided by 10 or less but the game was out of reach at some point in the 4th quarter (3 against STL and 1 against SF).

So out of 20 td passes, 12 of them came when the game wasn't very competitive. Orton had only 8 TDs when he was playing in a game that the score was within 9 points.

The following are his numbers in games that were decided by 10 or less (including STL and SF)


comp/att            yards                 td/int           sack           rating    

JAX  L 24-17

21/33                  295                   1/1                3                 89.8

TEN  W 26-20

35/50                  341                   2/1                6                  93.8

NYJ  L 24-20

14/34                  209                   1/0                1                  71.8

SF  L 24-16

28/40                  370                  1/1                4                   96.9

STL  L 36-33

24/41                  347                  3/0                3                  110.5

KC  L 10-6

9/28                    117                   0/0               4                   46.3 


21.8/37.6           279.8             1.3/0.5           3.5                  84.8
(57.9 %)     

His numbers in close games show what we already know… He is conservative, immobile and he isn't going to go out carry a team to victory. That isn't the worst thing for a QB and if we were a team that was a decent QB away from being a contender it might work out. If you really think that we are contenders right now, you need medical attention. We ARE rebuilding… Josh McDaniels made sure of that. Tebow may or may not be a QB that can get it done in this league but why waste an entire season with Orton instead of finding out ASAP? I would rather win 5 games with Tebow than win 8 games with Orton. Elway needs to get on the horn with SF, Miami and Seattle and dump Orton off to the highest bidder. I would rather take a 4th round pick for him now instead of letting him walk away for nothing next year.

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