Jon Tollerud's Expectations this season

I have listened to everyone's musings on who should start at QB and still don't care. I have also paid attention to the many reports from camp on here and other sites. After much thought and processing I have come up with my expectations for this season. Not my predictions but what I want to see our team do this year.

1. Run the ball effectively. 

It's one thing to say we are running 20 times a game and its another to say we are effectively running 20 times  a game. I don't care how many carries each back gets or anything like that. I want to see effective running. I want O-Linemen to get in there and just maul and push and push. I want running backs to see their holes and get through them. When tackled, I want the backs to fight push break tackles, whatever to gain the extra inches. I want defenses to PLAN for our running game.

2. Audible when it exploits the defense.

I don't care what the play called is. If the defense stacks the box then quick audible into a pass. If they are in a medium zone audible to a run. Its one thing to see what a defense is lining up for, I know Quarterbacks can do that. It's another to say "hey we could run and gain four yards or we can pass for 15." Simplified? Probably but

3. Whoever the QB is be precise and systematic.

We don't need to throw the ball 600 times in a game to win. That isn't EVER going to work. Tom Brady still has a fair few running plays in his arsenal. When we drop back to throw, whoever is the QB get it there and get it to only our guys! 


I dont care what scheme we run I just don't want teams running all over us! If all else fails put the rushing numbers up from last years raiders games as a reminder that the run MUST be stopped!

5. Swat the ball DOWN!

I have played very little football in my life, but something tells me if a DB bats the ball to the ground than the receiver has a harder time catching it. tipping it up for a pick or tipping it to a team mate looks great when it works and gets you fired when it doesn't! DB's- if you don't have a clean look at the ball swat it to the ground or out of bounds!

6. Win the turnover battle EVERY Game!

This may seem to contradict my last point but it doesn't. I don't care if each game ends with us in +1 on the battle I am sick and tired of turning over the ball!

7. Control the flow.

Teams such as Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New England and even Green Bay may not win time of possession but they do control the ebb and flow of a game. up or down the thing they do is never lose their cool and abandon the plan! WE NEED TO DO THIS TOO!


I don't want to see one down face during the game. We need to look at every game as winnable and should play all four quarters. We should never be known and the LeBron James of the NFL! We need to be there in the fourth quarter AS WELL!


That's all my friends and now


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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