MHR - Sticking To Your Guns


Let me start this off by saying I am EXCITED. Incredibly, undeniably, and utterly EXCITED. I am excited that Broncos football is back. I am excited with our new coaching staff. I am excited about Tim Tebow. Hell, I'm even excited about Kyle Orton. I'm just an eternal optimist and their isn't a naysaying sword in the universe that can slay my 6-0 start soul. The Broncos are good. They are undefeated!! And I don't even have to explain why!


There are many other things I am excited about:


John Elway

John Fox

A non-McDaniels draft

Dennis Allen

Retaining our GOOD coaches and not aborting the entire staff with a new regime (McCoy, Studes, Nunnely, etc)

Going back to the FAST 4-3 (as opposed to the slow 4-3).

Elvis Dumervil returning

Having a pass rush

Having a healthy O-Line

Having 3 good, startable quarterbacks (some teams don't even have 1)

Having Tim Tebow

Having Kyle Orton

Seeing Knowshon healthy and in the best shape of his life

Getting a REAL RB to split the carries with Know

Having great receiver depth

Having great youth on the backside of the defense (safeties, LBs)

Having a front 7 that doesn't fold like a paper bag on running plays

Having Matt Prater and a 35 yard kick-off rule

Having a Punter thats not Mitch Berger

Having a coaching staff that is ACTIVE and involved with the players and not just teaching them information in a classroom (it seems like thats all I heard about last year)

Having an apartment across the street from the stadium (I WILL be tailgating EVERY game, whether I get to go to it or not! Lol)

And the list goes on...

The best part about that list is I don't care what ANYONE has to say about it. Those are things that I am excited about for this year's Denver Broncos. And I don't have to say why. I just like them. I can say that I think Knowshon Moreno will have his breakout year and score more TDs than Willis McGahee (even though Willis will nab quite a few) and IT DOESNT MATTER what ANYONE has to say about that. Sports analysts don't know **** about the Broncos 2011 season. Opposing teams/fans don't know **** about the Broncos 2011 season. The entirety of MHR doesn't know **** about the Broncos 2011 season. We are ALL on the same page, we're just interpreting it a little bit differently. And you know what?? 

That is OKAY. It doesn't matter if you hate John Fox, think Moreno is a bust, or think that we are doomed to failure with Kyle Orton starting, because that's just your OPINION. And that's what this site is about. SHARING opinions. Not stepping on them. The fact that stuff is finally going on has silenced a lot of the bologna being thrown around, but it still permeates a few articles and fan shots here and there. 

Regardless of what discussions you choose to participate in, comments/posts you choose to recommend, just STICK TO YOUR GUNS. Anyone that's been reading MHR for the last couple of years know that I have gone rounds and rounds with McGeorge and that still another year (and regime later) none of it made any difference at all - besides making things unpleasant for the other readers here. I had to learn to agree to disagree... and there are still many here who need to learn how to do that as well. You can never make someone believe anything. They will choose to or choose not too, and ANY evidence and statistics can be used to support whatever the author believes.

Humans do not magically appear. We are created, raised, and develop our thoughts and bias's based on our past and experiences. So shouting matches aren't going to change anything. I can tell you from first hand experience that years later you'll realize it was all for naught and you didn't change anything, all you did was create bad blood. Regardless of how I viewed McGeorge in the past (I hope you don't mind that I keep using you as an example btw, but a lot of people followed that flame war) but the guy STUCK TO HIS GUNS. The only thing a man has got is his word. 

We all learn and see and experience new things every day, and our biases and opinions will change with new information... but STICK TO YOUR GUNS and people will respect what you have to say. I respect what McGeorge has to say ALOT more than I used to, because he STUCK TO HIS GUNS, not because he was right about some things. We are ALL right about SOME things. We are also all WRONG about A LOT more. 

Say what you want to say, get it off your chest. Share your opinions. But don't try to crush another person's perspective, because you can't control their views anymore than you can stop the world from spinning. 

John Fox gets asked daily about his QB situation, and you know what he does? He STICKS TO HIS GUNS. He doesn't need to change his story, because he was smart with his words from the beginning. He doesn't need to destroy the opinion thats on the outside - because its on the outside - its not truth to him. If someone's opinion on this site isn't truth to you, well you can offer your truth to them, but you can't disprove their beliefs. That's just the way the world works. To each their own. 

MHR has continued to upswing from the QB controversy (or lack thereof) flying around the mainstream media. Readers (and contributors) have continued to mature and understand that their is ALWAYS going to be someone looking to pick a fight. They used to say "stop feeding the trolls" around here. And the only way you feed trolls is by trolling. I've come to the conclusion that Trolls are canibalistic. They don't eat meat. They don't eat vegetables. They only eat each other.

MHR is getting on the map a little more every year. Why? Because we've got BIG GUNS. Because we ARE the fans. We ARE the Denver Broncos nation, we are the voice of the stands. We are those in attendance that influence Caesar to execute or save the gladiator. It's a magical thing. We're not like the rest of those garbage dump sites with payed contributor and journalists worrying about money. The only thing we're worried about is losing to the raiders! We are unique, and the local media is SLOWLY starting to get it. We're not some panzy-*** flaky fans that root for whoever is playing the best. We stick to our guns, and our guns are shooting with the Broncos. Let's keep our guns pointed at the opposition (other teams/fans/MSM/etc) and not at each other... and STICK TO THEM!

The Broncos play again tomorrow evening. And I am EXCITED! I think they are going to kick some Buffalo ***!! And I could very well be wrong about that. But that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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