Broncos TC videos from

All of the links are to videos on, interesting to watch and a bit enlightening.

Figured I would link these all in one place, seeing as I was going to post more than one and did not want flood the Fanshots with em.


In this clip titled Sounds from Training Camp from, we get an on the field perspective of the action.  I remember reading in the comments section about Tebow hanging Britt Davis out to dry with a pass over the middle, which was recorded at 2:24 seconds in.  We even get a chance not only to hear the HORN made famous by KK, but the ReadyGO!  Interesting watch, feels good seeing our team getting some hitting in!

This clip is an interview with Dennis Allen, again from (as they all are, but figure I will prevent/avoid any infringement issues by stating so everytime :P). About a minute in Allen speaks about turnovers and creating habits that lead to turnovers.  It might not be anything new, but the "every ball on the ground is live" mentality is one way he is trying to instil those habits.  At 4:30 in he speaks about how Fox has given him the reigns of the defense, albeit with some of Fox's input, and that he will be calling all of the plays come gameday.  Found that bit interesting, but also encouraging.  Later on in the video, Allen speaks about coaching from the sidelines on gameday, and talks about how it gives him a better feel for players and also any adjustments that he feels will be required.  All together it feels rather candid, but Allen seems very well spoken and confident, which I appreciate.  He knows where he wants to take this team, and appears to be rather excited about the secondary, as well as the prospects of VonDoom. 


Last video is of McCoy, again yeah, you get it by now.  Anyway, probably the most interesting piece of info from this video is at around 2:10 seconds in when McCoy talks about a 14 day install of the new system.  He goes on to talk about how they will not really know how far along the offense is until they see the players and plays after 14 days, and in live game situations.  Take what you will from that, but it sounds like nothing is set in stone currently, and will not be until at least day 14.  Another interesting interview, not canned.


I like seeing the coaches on the offense and defense being candid, though not necessarily forth write.  Allen and McCoy are very well spoken, which is nice to see, and it is also nice to see that they will be in control of calling the games on their respective sides of the football. 


Hopefully this is new or informative to some, seeing as they are easily found on the team website, I imagine most have seen these already, but they are a nice departure from strenuous debates over who will be our starting QB and how the FO is currently doing.

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