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The Eagles are overjoyed.  One of the local sports guys is an Eagle fan and you can hear it in his voice.  Haven't even been to BGN to read up, I would be too disappointed.  Honestly, I am bored with FA.  Don't get me wrong, I think the approach is sound.  There have been good signings and seems like they are looking at the available talent.  We have a nice seat at the waivers buffet and I am patient.

So let's jump (one day I would like to be on the front page so there really is a jump )


     I have been reading MHR since the late summer of 09 and joined soon after.  My football knowledge has increased many fold.  My point is, after going through the draft and all the stats, variables in talent, rounds, more stats.  Whew, I need some fun and our signing period so far has been boring.....So I need some fun

    Training camp would be fun if not for the two headed beast.  Which seems may actually be a three headed beast.  Won't the Tebow fans go crazy if he hits the third string, Oh my!  Still Kaptain Kirk has posted his wonderful TC logs which are always written to give you a feel of the action and constant movement.  The DB videos have been great and I really like the way fox is just as relaxed as can be on camera.  McCoy sounded like an OC, he says he will call the shots on game day but it sounded like Fox is loading the gun.   Allen scares me a bit with the level of agression, just because I am flag shy and I don't want to see 12 guys charging onto the field.

     I put a Tebow teaser up there so ...  There are a lot of posters here that want to see Tim Tebow start.  There are a lot of posters here that like to see the bigger picture, or have a different world view, than others.  My point is, objecting to trading Orton, trying to say Orton is a XX level player, saying Tebow has areas to work on, and many other statements are not Tebow hate speak.  Everyone has timetables, ways to groom players, and any number of reasons to want Tebow to start now.  I really don't get the hurry, I was watching football when the only time a rookie QB started was when everyone else was dead.  Rookies started being put on the field when their costs became prohibitive without added marketing.  The game has changed, and for real now.  We have a new CBA, new camp rules and a rookie cap.  How should it be done now?  I say it depends on the player.  From my seat I find it very hard to make a determination.  I see all the reports from the talking heads, news outlets, and here with the day to day.  They are all different too.  So I watch and will not say who should start.

    EFX are really under the gun.  Not just here at MHR but articles in the Post and on Yahoo about fan disappointment with the lack of high priced flashy FA's.  That did quiet down and now suddenly ( it feels like a long time) they have made some very solid moves and everyone seems to have calmed down.  Myself, I became bored. 

    I like McGahee and Bunkley.  These guys played on two teams I get to see quit a bit of and I really like McGahee's ability to make the tough yardage.  I saw him do it time after time.   Bunkley I can't say specifically.  As I said I am learning the nuts and bolts of football.  I have mostly been a ball watcher if you know what I mean  :/   Anyway, I do know the Eagles have been tough in the trenches.  I am sorry about Harris, and not.  Something about the way JE said he would not be back in time???  Whatever.  We have new players all over the place.  We got some DT's which we all wanted and there is no doubt they addressed the run game. 

    I look for a fun year of good football.  I don't know what our record will be but I do think we will be good enough to be in games to the end.  When it comes down to it, if we can't win I want to at least have had a decent chance to.  I think I am done rambling now.  Good night and may Broncos dance in your dreams.

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