We'll all float on, alright?

Hola, Broncos fans.  It's that time again.  You know this time of year, when preseason is in full effect and players are showing up to play while some others are showing why they shouldn't have showed up at all.  This is the time of year when all the biggest heads talk about their season predictions, who is going to be a Pro Bowl player, what team will win the Super Bowl, etcetera.  You know the drill.  What you may not know, however, is how to deal with it.  It's okay if you are so invested in football that you lose sight of things.  I do the same thing time to time, but thankfully I have two jobs and full time schooling to anchor me away from football long enough during the week to have a little more clear vision of what is really in front of us.  The thing with the media is it's never as bad as they say and it's never as good as they claim it is.  Check what I've got below and see if I'm not right. 


(Remember that guy? The media has made it a fashion to make him look like a psychopath. If I'm a gambling type, my money says he looks a lot less like a psycho and more like a broken soul that's lost his way.)


This sport, this culture is a thing of sensations.  From the hardest hits to the most emotional exchanges between dangerous men, our beloved sport of football is something we cherish.  We protect our team, and if you find yourself in a part of the world that doesn't like our game, you find yourself protecting the game and every team that participates.  (Yes, when I was in Finland, I went to a respectable length protecting a guy wearing a Chiefs jersey at a bar in Helsinki, but don't tell anyone.)

There are people that prey on our emotional investment in the game.  They are the enemy, but you might know them by their job titles (analysts, reporters and columnists).  Is this a crusade against the media?  Absolutely not.  There are so many of them that are damn good at what they do.  Unfortunately, for every one Lindsey Jones, you have five Michael Lombardi types.  

My point, if I might allow myself to get directly to it, is do not let the media form your opinion for you.  I'm just as excited as you are to have football back, and I'm reading as many reports out of Dove Valley as I can, but you have to remember that every story that will be written about our team this year will be written by a living, breathing human.  A human with emotions.  A human is 100% incapable of writing something objective.  You're going to read stories about Tebow being the odd man out, about Von Miller being a bust, about Brian Dawkins' being a charity case this late in his career.  You cannot trust everything you hear!

I spent a lot of time researching a comedian who, up until his dying day, was considered a genius by all accounts.  He was a funny SOB, yet his humor also stung of truth.  George Carlin once said that everything you hear on the news needs to be studied with a contradicting viewpoint.  Ever since I heard that concept, I try my best to look at every angle possible.  It's imperative if you are going to get through the season without going nuts and throwing a shoe at your television or ramming your car into a guard rail because Colin Cowherd's drivel through your car radio made you feel homicidal.  I don't want to go to jail before week 8 for any violent crimes, and none of you should either.


Sit back, relax, grab a drink and watch the game.  It's a game that we all love dearly, but it's still just a game.  And as long as it's as popular as it is, there are only going to be more talking heads doing the talking that talking heads do.  As an old MHR friend used to say, "That's just like, your opinion man."  


PS, as an attempt to really drive my point home, hit the video below, turn your speakers up and listen.



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