It's "The Orton Thing" Now

People like Merril Hoge and Colin Cowherd were right about one thing. Tim Tebow did have the biggest learning curve to overcome making the transition from college to the NFL of all the quarterbacks in his draft class.

Tebow supporters knew that Tebow’s drive, determination and hard work would be second to none to tackle that learning curve. But Tebow could not do that alone…by himself.  Being on the sideline teaching himself last season and the lockout were hinderances to Tebow’s development.

Tebow’s throwing motion was improved, his footwork was improved, his drop backs and snaps were improved. However, putting all of that together with progression reads, reading the different defenses with bullets flying can not be recreated working on your own with no OTA’s, no minicamps.

Tebow is the only QB I know from his class that has had his drafting coach fired midseason, only had 3 starts, and had to battle 2 veteran QB’s who both had more starts and snaps outside of their rookie seasons.

Tebow is a bad boy…but even the best would have a difficult time with that.  Skeptics of Tebow considered Tebow a 2-3 year project.  Supporters of Tebow knew that with proper investment of development and Tebow’s drive that he could make the adjustment sooner and by his second year be up to speed with his peers.

Based on Tebow’s performance in the final 3 games from last year, Tebow isn’t that far from Bradford or McCoy.

Bradford won 7 games, started 16.  McCoy won 2 games, started 8.  Clausen won 1 game, started 10 games.  All were projected higher and evaluated higher than Tebow.  Tebow won 1 game, started 3.  Where Tebow needs to improve…have not be addressed by the Broncos.  All QB's in his draft class have gotten the investment into them and were given their shot to gain experience and make mistakes.

Some folks say that Tebow didn’t improve in 19 days of a TEST in training camp.  If you haven’t been guided through something (with bullets flying from a full defense) allowed to make mistakes(with bullets flying from a full defense) and allowed to perfect your skill (with bullets flying from a full defense) how in the world was he supposed to beat out Orton? Orton just completed his sixth season.

Michael Jordon and Dirk Nowitizki both practiced their shots tirelessly to develop the consistency they exemplified. Nobody ever saw how many shots they missed to develop that skill on the court. 19 days of a quarterback TEST against someone who was not only given the answers but was allowed to take the TEST 5 times before is not a fair fight.  Some say it doesn't have to be fair.  Okay, fine.  But then you can't evaluate fairly either. 

Brady Quinn’s improvement made good impressions.  Brady Quinn has four years as a Pro. Tebow hasn’t even started his second year.  Even if Brady Quinn was smart to get help from a quarterback coach…it took him four years to get that smart!

The lockout did hurt Tebow’s development, but that does not mean he made no development.  Some training camp reports mentioned regression, however there was no regression if you judge Tebow’s performance in the preseason game where he had a solid performance.  Specifically, the false regression reports concerned high passes or low passes, behind receivers – that sort of thing. Tebow had a slow start in camp after the trade debacle and a slight case of the yips…things we know he can do, but he was unable to perform until he regained composure.  Every athlete has a time when they can’t perform at their usual high standard.  Tebow had his during one his most difficult transitions to the NFL and during a TEST against someone more experienced than him.

Tim Tebow gives the Broncos the best chance to win but he can’t achieve that until he strengthens his weaknesses, wins the locker room and lets the MSM paparazzi choke on their own poison.

The sports Paparazzi need a story. They build athletes up to sell their product and then put blood in the water to sell more.  Just let them choke on their poison.   Hoge was already choking on some when the Broncos announced that Tebow was staying put. (haha...)

Tebow will probably work with a quarterback coach and whatever string of offense and defense he can to continue to improve his drop backs, progression reads, skill in reading defenses (film room will help there) touch, timing and accuracy.  Tebow needs the bullets flying. (Nobody said that Tebow couldn’t improve more in these areas…we all know he can. Tebow supporters know that Tebow can play now and still win. Those skeptical believe Orton gives us a better chance to win.)  It's alright to differ.  We are both right.

Tebow wins the locker room when Orton just plays and Tebow improves. That isn't to say that Tebow lost the locker room - because he didn't.  Tebow already has the respect of his teammates but for them to know he is the team's best chance to win they will have to get their wish to play with Orton.   So be it.

If Orton reverts back to Orton of old, Tebow will be ready.  It’s an “Orton Thing” now and let it play out.

But what if the Orton thing isn't the best chance to win? Will games start out like the Cowboys preseason game and then end like the Cowboys game?  We are winning but barely because Kyle isn't putting it in the endzone enough.  And the opposing team catches up every game at the very end and win or just beat us from the beginning.

Our defense is infinitely better but it's not lights out against a really good team with a quarterback who can shred defenses and opposing coaches who have Kyle Orton's number.

Our offense is stronger but that may be good for one more TD...but when?  When the game is on the line in the fourth quarter?  You can't recreate that during the preseason.  Will Orton deliver in big games, with tough teams in the fourth quarter?

The only QB I saw playing for his life was Tebow.  Got three penalties and a fine because he was going to get that negated TD back. (LOL)  The only time I saw a player hurt himself trying to bring down a QB, it was Tebow.

Who in their right mind thinks Orton is going to outplay Brees, Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Rivers, Vick or Sanchez?  Think about Favre against Brees in the playoffs before the Saints went on to win the Superbowl...Has Kyle Orton or Brady Quinn ever been Favre or Brees in a game like that?  Ever?  Do you ever see them being that great?  Brett Favre was one pass from the superbowl...remember the moment?  Favre has one chance.

Do you want Orton, Quinn or Tebow on the field? 

Not trying to knock Orton starting week one with this post.  It's inevitable now.  If Orton is good, then great!  If not, then Tebow will be ready to take over or contribute.  And next year it will be an entirely different QB competition with an exponentially more polished Tebow.  Whether Orton has a decent year or not with better offensive and defensive support, he won’t be competing against the same Tebow if he tries to stay in Denver.  If Orton thinks he’s gonna get the big payday extension with 7 or 8 wins…not so fast if it’s a choice between a franchise caliber Tebow and an Orton who had a nice year.

I for one can't wait for Tebow Time in Denver.  Thanks to Kyle for "The Orton Thing."  You are only going to make people yearn that much more for Tebow Time if you fail to deliver.

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