There are only two kinds of people at MHR...

... that don't want Orton to start. 

1) People who just plain don't personally find Orton exciting/entertaining/elite enough and MAY bring up any statistic or past play they can find to try and prove it.

2) People who just love Tim Tebow (or Brady Quinn I suppose) so much that it doesn't matter how well Orton has or hasn't played, they want Tim (or Brady) to start, and they MAY bring up any statistic or past play of his to try and prove it.

That's it. Those are the ONLY two possibilities of a Bronco Fan not happy with Orton starting over Tebow/Quinn. The NFL has plenty of cases that are proof enough that past statistics, film, etc doesn't mean crap about the future. This is a league that can completely change in the matter of a week. And that's why we all love it! It's man-drama, and that's all there is to it.

Is Brandon Lloyd's 2010 season not fresh enough in people's minds to know that there is ALWAYS a possibility that someone can blossom later than expected to unforseen potential?? Brandon is past the "prime" of a WR and never should have been that great last year - at least not logically. Not based off of sound reasoning. Unless of course... our reasoning was off, we were missing something right? (Now I know a lot of you were predicting Lloyd to have a great year after last season's TC, but I am trying to generalize here). 

Orton hasn't even passed a QB's "prime" and he's already being written off for his past production, deficiencies (mobility, redzone %, etc), and botched plays. If McDaniels had written off Brandon Lloyd for those same things, we'd have never seen Lloyd blossom into the player he currently is. The same thing goes with Orton. He STILL has the potential to be great.

I already know what the skeptics are thinking: "Well of course, even Brett Farve could have had another amazing year... ANYTHING is possible. So should we wait 10 years to see if Orton can become great?"

The answer is No. But we can wait ONE year. There has never been a more crucial year played in Orton's career than 2011 will be. There is no greater pressure that can be put on his shoulder than for literally playing for the chance to cement himself as a starter somewhere or forever be average/back-up material. That's what's happening this year, ESPECIALLY if we get off to a strong start. This year will define Orton. He's got the same cast around him, he's got the same coordinator (and pretty much the same offense - 70%). He's got (at least what looks so far like) an improved Defense and running game around him. With the new kick-off rule special teams will even have a reduced impact on the game. 

This year Orton will define (in 99% of viewers eyes - fans and coaches alike) whether he can ball when pressures on, or if that next level is just a little too high for him. He has proven that he can be a solid starter, and win with a great defense (Chicago), but he hasn't proven he can be Elite and carry the team when the pressure is on. Well the pressure IS ON right now, even with a 0-0 record. That's the perk (or disaster) of a contract year. Technically last year was a contract year for Orton, and he rose to the occasion and got his extension. He will probably rise to the occasion again this year - at least long enough to get a starting contract somewhere (hopefully not here or there will TRULY be on QB controversy in Denver).

So for all the fans and MHR goers that are trying to statistically break down Orton, and use film to prove why he can't hack it or Tim Tebow is the better option (even long term), you've got nothing. Nothing but your opinion. Just like the rest of us. Because that was then, and this is now. And Kyle COULD be a different player than he was last year. Just like Lloyd was a different player in 2010 than in 2009. Was their the case of "opportunity" in Lloyd's case? Sure. But it only takes ONE year of opportunity for a WR to break out (just like it only takes ONE game for a RB to break out). It takes a QB at LEAST a year to break out, usually a couple. Orton has had one, and made strides. This is his chance, and this is his last shot (at least in Denver, but probably anywhere) to become an elite QB (top 10). 

We will have to wait and see. I will be rooting for him just as hard as a root for EVERY Broncos player to succeed. I will be rooting for Tebow to explode on every snap he gets in 2011 as well. I am partial to particular players, and I LOVE to talk them up, but I try never to talk another Bronco player into the dirt, even if I don't really like him that much. It's fine to have your preference. I prefer Tebow (he just needs to work through his reads better, and lead his receivers properly). But I am also 100% behind Orton as well. Because I am 100% behind the Broncos, and Orton is a Bronco.

No statistics will change my mind. They are the past. No previous game film will change my mind. They are the past. EVERYTHING is in the past. And the future is before us, with untold events and unspoken tidings. May they be GLORIOUS!


P.S. If you are a Broncos Fan that does NOT want Orton to start, and don't fall into the two categories I stereotyped above, comment below why you're not. I love learning.


EDIT: Okay so apparently people after reading this think that I want Orton to be get a long term contract if he blossoms into an elite (top 10) QB. Let me correct that line of thinking now by saying NO! Even if Orton blossoms into an elite top 10 QB. I STILL want Tebow, because I believe with patience and letting him learn on the bench (like Vick did) instead of throwing him in the fire now and forcing him to rely on what he already does well - and not develop into a better passer - to appease the fans... could turn Tebow into a top 3 QB and future HOF'er. I want TEBOW, but I want him to be GREAT, not just good. If we start him now, he could turn out to be good. If he sits and gets to develop, he could be GREAT. I just want ONE person... ONE! To tell me how starting Tebow now isn't going to make him (mentally, in his own mind) have to rely on his legs and what he does best, and hinder his development as a passer EXACTELY like happened to Michael Vick. Somebody please tell me. You KNOW the fans will want him to bring us exciting play and wins. And right now, he just isn't going to do that through the air - at least not consistently. What's made Vick truly scary lately is how he has DEVELOPED into a passer. His legs are 300x scarier now that he can escape and throw downfield. Before he was scary, now he is lethal. Tebow could be the same. I don't want an option QB offense built around Tebow, I want Tebow to MASTER the QB position and ALL its aspects. The reason I say this is because Tebow HAS the drive and work ethic and intangibles to be the greatest QB the game has ever known. But if he gets thrown into the fire NOW (simply because Orton is gone next year and he is the future) that process will take TWICE as long. Mark my words!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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