Dear Mr. Bowlen

I know you have been one of the best owner in the NFL over the last few years. Always doing the classy thing and keeping a good relationship with your fans. However sir I must voice a complaint.

When you hired Josh McDaniels, I questioned the hire but because this is my team I supported it. Over time I began to see your plan. You felt the need to rebuild your proud franchise. After a year and a half you decided that you had made the wrong choice in pairing our franchise with Josh McDaniels the way you did. Again, a bit confused I supported our team through the turmoil. 

After hiring John Fox I was excited for our future. We have a defensive minded head coach who brought in a defensive coordinator who felt that aggressiveness and attitude was what we needed on defense. I am excited for this philosophy being defensive minded myself. We then began the process of evaluation and roster building. 

We have a situation to be envied by any team. We have three competent Quarterbacks that can conduct our offense. With people in the organization wanting to rebuild the team the right way I now felt we were on a path to success. 

Mr. Bowlen I feel that we have a bright future with our young quarterbacks. I do not know which one but I do feel that some have been dealt a foul blow by someone in your organization. 

The thing I am concerned about it that someone in your organization has told those outside of the organization things that may or may not have been said in house. That's unacceptable. There are a lot of people out there who would love to see the Broncos fail. They live for these sound bites and someone close to you has given them just that.

I am not here to defend or berate any of the quarterbacks. I am here to say "Mr. Bowlen, please get your house in order!" I would never tell you how to do your job sir but right now I don't know who is running the organization. In all honesty the fact that nothing has been said by you or your head staff to address this current "situation" speaks volumes. 

I ask sir that you speak out in this situation! If it is true your organization does not want Tim Tebow please say so. Also, if you organization is either in a situation of evaluation with the young man or have decided you want Tim on your team that should be said as well. 

I think it is unfair to the young man to remain silent and also a bit unfair to your fans to not address the "blood shed" that is happening in the media. This is not the type of press or situation I think any fan of the Broncos wants to be involved in at this point! 

Please Sir Speak Out! 



Jon Tollerud

Concerned Fan, Denver Broncos

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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