The Era Of Tim Tebow Is Over

It's time to face the truth. Tim Tebow is done in Denver. For a lot of Bronco fans, this will be a tough truth to digest. Tim is a highly popular, extremely likable person, but nice guys don't make great quarterbacks. In the history of the NFL, there are tons of nice guys who couldn't cut it as professional quarterbacks. It's not their fault, but the job is just not for everyone. Tim is arguably the greatest college player of all time, but he has no future in the NFL.

Let's look at the facts. Tim Tebow was over drafted when he was selected with the 25th overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. You never draft a quarterback in the first round unless that quarterback is ready to start immediately. Wait, what did you say? Aaron Rodgers? He doesn't count. He came out of Cal with really good numbers. Tim Tebow came from a spread offense in Florida. Yeah, so he won two National Championships and was the youngest Heisman ever, but he came from a spread offense. He's not an NFL quarterback.

After Josh McDaniels over-drafted Tim Tebow, they quickly realized how awful Tim was so they resigned Kyle Orton to another year. Tim sat on the bench and the Broncos hoped his weaknesses would improve. Unfortunately for them, starter Kyle Orton got hurt and they had to thrust Tim into a starting role way before he was ready. Then, the whole world got to see just how bad Tim Tebow was. He was absolutely awful in his debut against the Raiders. He only completed 50% of his passes! 50%! His accuracy was clearly not improving. Wait, what did you say? Tim was more competitive against the Raiders then Kyle Orton was? Oh please, did you see his stats? They were awful! He's not an NFL quarterback.

Then, Tim Tebow got a lucky break and got to play against the Houston Texans. Tim had a decent outing throwing 308 yards and 1 touchdown en route to a comeback victory. However, this win means nothing. The Houston Texans defense was just awful. They were so bad that we can't even count this game for Tim. Wait, what? Yes, I know the Houston Texans were still in the playoff hunt at this point despite their awful defense but it doesn't matter. There defense was awful so Tim's stats aren't realistic. He's not an NFL quarterback.

Finally, Tim played the last game of the season against the Chargers and he showed once again that he was just not ready to be an NFL quarterback. He threw less then 50% completions and threw not 1, but 2 interceptions! He had no business being on that field. Wait, what? It doesn't matter that Tim had the Broncos within a touchdown and had a chance to win the game at the end. He threw 2 interceptions. 2! He's not an NFL quarterback.

After the lockout, we got our first look at Tebow in training camp and wow was he bad. Kyle Orton looked way, way better. Tim was so bad that even Brady Quinn looked better then him. Wait what? Come on, it doesn't matter that Tim couldn't work with his coaches during the off season on his progressions and reads. Tim is not capable of doing that. He came from a spread offense for goodness sakes and his throwing motion is just so weird. He's not an NFL quarterback.

We had to watch Tim in his pre season debut against the Dallas Cowboys. Wow. How horrible can a guy be? His stats read okay: 6 of 7 for 91 yards, but don't be fooled, he looked awful. He kept running the ball instead of staying in the pocket. What? No, it doesn't matter that Tim was playing with an awful 2nd string OL. Brady Quinn was able to do it and he played great against the Cowboys! Wait, what? No, no no. It doesn't matter that Brady was going against 3rd stringers while Tim was going against 2nd stringers, Brady threw 29 more yards then Tim and he threw a touchdown. Tim couldn't do that. He's not an NFL quarterback.

Last week, the truth came out. Tim became a third stringer as Brady Quinn took his job as Kyle Orton's backup. Brady Quinn looks awesome, miles ahead of Tim Tebow. That's why Tim Tebow is now a third string quarterback. What? No no no, it wasn't just Brady's turn to play with the second stringers since Tim got his chance the week before. Tim was so bad they made him a third stringer. Did you see the way Tim throws the ball? He's not an NFL quarterback.

If all of this wasn't enough, it's time to bring in the final hammer. Nobody in Denver's front office wants Tim Tebow. John Elway would love nothing more then to get rid of Tim. Tim's not their guy. Elway wasn't the one who drafted him. Huh?John Elway was about 10 minutes away from trading Kyle Orton and giving the keys of the franchise to Tim Tebow? ......Have you seen Tim Tebow's throwing motion? Yuck. He's not an NFL quarterback.


If you don't see it now, I don't know what to tell you. It's so blatantly obvious. Tim was over drafted, he was awful last year, he has been awful in training camp, he's been even worse in pre season and the front office hates the guy. Anything you hear that contradicts what I just said is a lie. I mean, who are you going to believe, Broncos VP John Elway, Broncos head coach John Fox, ESPN insider Adam Schefter, and Bronco's insider Woody Paige, or are you going to listen to me?

Tim Tebow is not an NFL quarterback.

Sorry, I got to go. I just got a job offer as a tv analyst. How awesome. I've never studied film, don't talk to reliable sources and barely understand the ins and outs of football, but I still got this job! Who would have thought my lack of knowledge in just about anything relating to football entitled me to an analyst job.

I'll talk more about Tim Tebow tomorrow, but one thing is clear.

Tim Tebow is not an NFL quarterback.

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