MHR Poll of the Week for August 28, 2011: Weakest Link in 2011

Last season many of you thought the running game was one of the biggest weaknesses on this team. Do you feel that is still the case? (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

It was a shorter week last week, but we just had quite the game yesterday, and it's looking like it might be a season of hope, even if you don't like whoever takes the field at QB. Well last week I asked you if you were a NFL head coach, what would you focus you offense on, and we get some good responses, lets see what a few members said:

Last 6 Teams in the Super Bowl

Packers/Steelers; Saints/Colts; Cards/Steelers… all throw the ball. Pack Cards and Colts are obivous passing teams. Steelers used to be known for rushing, and ppl assume they run a lot, but they really dont. They spread the field a whole lot.


Having high quality

recievers and runners is hard to do. If you can run well it generally means you can pass sufficiently. All of it depends on a good O line. I would (if anyone asked me) want to pass to run. With a heavy hitter at FB to clean up those short yardage situations. Here we come SB ;D

Sean in Pa.

While there is always a need for balance

The NFL rules are tilting further and further in favor of the QB’s and WR’s. With less physical practice time, that trend will continue. If you want to win in the NFL today, you have to pass the ball a lot (though obviously running the ball can’t be as bad as we’ve been the last 2 years)


Answer: Votes Percentage
Run Focus 198 26%
Pass Focus 99 13%
A Little of Both 459 61%
Total: 756 100%



We saw what was a good level of response trending towards a balanced offensive attack. The choice of run focus over pass focus makes sense since that pass mentality is associated with McD while the runs focus is tied closer to Fox. That would explain why run doubled pass in the results. Balance and a bit of both was the clear winner of this poll though, taking in around 60% of the votes, and I'm pretty sure most fans would respond this way, run and pass may shift back and forth, depending on the team, Indy would vote one way, Kansas City would vote another way, but I'm fairly confident on just about any site, over 50% of respondents would say "A Little of Both" was the way to go.

A few weeks ago, I asked you what squad was the weakest last season, and which squad was the strongest. This weeks question is kind of doing the same thing, but looking forward to next season. This week I am asking what unit do you feel is our weakest link going into 2011. A quick thing to mention, as I mentioned in the last weakest link post, this is asking not just which squad you feel is the bad, but which is the worst. You may feel the offensive line and the defensive tackle position, but which one is the weakest?

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