A Not-Very-Deep Look Into A Brain


Tell me this is the preseason and that it was only the Bad News Bills followed by the Seattle Sea Chickens. I’ll tell you right back - in a monotone, I-could-care-less type of voice - I do not care. I pride myself in striving for the ability to bitch slap my own homerism every time it starts creepin‘. Sure, sometimes it beats me back down, but I definitely wear the pants. I’m the winner of that battle most of the time. Bias? Sure. Easily excitable ‘yes man‘? Not a chance. And so here’s the deal:  I know what my eyes see. I know what they see because my mind told me I saw them. And here’s the payoff:  I see a really good defense. Tell me again it’s the preseason and against bad teams. And this time, just pretend I’m giving you the middle finger - in a nice way - with an all-knowing wink and a smile. This defense is good.


I mentioned this in a comment somewhere, but would I be in danger of losing all credibility  for suggesting a guy who led the league in sacks the last time he played could actually be considered our most improved player? I mean he’s already been at the top of the league, so how could he improve so much to be most improved? Yeah, whatevs. He knows how to stop running backs now. And Daddy like that. (Shoutout to running back-turned-fitness model Knowshon Moreno - obviously he's in contention here too.)

In a 'maybe it's just me moment', I wish there was a way to tell the bar at the top of the homepage that I’m not cool enough for an iPhone and my Blackberry isn’t cool enough to earn the SB Nation App. So stop rubbing it in. Go away already. Please and thanks.

Here's my blast from the past thought of the hour. Joshy McDaniels used to game plan the preseason like it was the Super Bowl. He said it was about getting the coaches prepared for the season - to get them dialed in. In week three last year we beat up the Steelers, in fact.And look, let's not don’t diss Josh too much, he was, and is, brilliant in his football knowledge. Still, game planning preseason to such a degree felt stupid at the time. And it seems even dumber now. I don’t want to know if you can out scheme a guy that isn’t really trying to scheme. I think I like Foxy’s approach better:  The opposing QB sucks and they have a couple running backs… so stack the box. OK, Break! Good plan, Coach. I bring it up because it should stay in our mind that Timmy hasn’t come in for red zone packages, yet. But he will. No sense in tipping our hand, right? Makes ya wonder… what’s Dennis Allen hiding on his side of the ball?

Does the country really know who VonDoom is yet? Wait, don’t answer that. Take a minute to go around the web… The headline generally reads something about Prince Tebow leading the third string offense to a FG  to win the game. Now I love me some Tebow, don‘t get me wrong. His religious views have never bothered me, nor has his throwing motion. But I’ll tell you what’s starting to bother me:  he’s an unwilling participant in headline stealing. He’s a credit stealer. He’s guilty of kudos thievery. I don’t care that it’s not his fault, VonDoom and the pass rush were the story yesterday and it pisses me off… in a really nice way, with rainbows and burping kittens, of course.

Moving all the way back to the Orange and Blue shaded glasses for a minute, let me drop some crazy sauce here. We can’t win in the regular season until we play in the regular season. We can’t beat good teams until we play good teams. What we have done, though, is to beat up on bad teams. We dominate games we should dominate in. Feels good, no? Successes are many, mistakes are few and failures haven’t been had. Our defense has impressed and our offense hasn’t regressed. When I'm hungry, I like to chew on this:  These bad teams we’re beating were higher than us in the draft order - it’s a good sign that we see them and beat them as if they’re so far beneath us. We don't look at them as equals, not before nor after the game. We see them as a snack. Again, that's a good sign. Dare to dream, gents. This one just might come true.

Drink the koolaid in moderation though, boys. The middle of our defensive line will still get worked against good running teams if we don’t either get healthy or make a quality addition real soon. Yeah, there's a depressing line to audible into the Jamestown session, but hey... it's my story here.


Ya know, when I’m out at night on a weekend and another football fan gets to talking football, it’s almost become like religion or politics. It’s a subject I almost don’t want to discuss. It preemptively plays out in my mind, in slow-motion but in a split second. He talks, I talk. He gets louder, I get louder. We laugh, we poke at the other's team and we each prefer to preach and teach rather than to learn. A couple drinks later we're right where we started. He still thinks the Broncos suck. Actually, I actually speak fairly well and I win debates better in person than on paper I think. Still, I know enough to know that nothing I can say to these people will make them understand we’re not the 2010 Broncos. It's aggravating to feel so helpless. So I abstain lately. Engaging just makes me sort of wanna VonDoom ‘em upside the head and beat the knowledge into ‘em. But I think there are laws against that. Well, and they probably wouldn’t want to be friends anymore, either. Guess I’ll just have to settle for September 12th instead. Moral to that story is that Bronco fans are going to have to let the play do the talking this year. And I like feeling confidence in that.


Von. Doom. Pow!

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