Wow. I guess the Kool-Aid is stronger than I thought

I have a serious Kool-Aide hangover.  While recognizing we have not played any good teams yet, I am still overly optimistic about this Denver team we have been putting on the field.

Here are my thoughts after 3 preseason games and all the news we  have read/heard from camp.


We are pretty solid but not great anywhere but Defensive End and where ever Champ is lined up.  This is a huge improvement as far as I am concerned.  We were BAD and MANY areas over the last few years.

While we are running the ball more and better it is still going to take more work till we scare anyone from bending their ears back and coming after the most unelusive QB since Craig Morton to don a Bronco uniform.  I have really liked however that near the goal line, we have punched it in a time or 2 with our running backs. (yes I know we threw to them but it is nice they are involved down there)

TE is actually a position on this team.  No more are they just Glorified blockers. 80 looks dangerous and 86 is a huge upgrade over what we have had as well.  THIS will be Orton's best friend he never had and will help him almost as much as having the linemen healthy and having more experience.

The D is stopping the run on early downs leading to 3rd and 6+ many times.  AND, the big players in this are our rushing guys. Miller/Doom.  Notice they are really attacking the running game and I love it.

Our Rookies are all playing pretty well and have a great chance of making the 53 man roster or at least the practice squad.  That rookie 7th round pick from OK needs to stay around somehow I think.  He has played well when given the chance.

Now after the Kool-aid starts wearing off I see some issues I hope we can fix over the next 2 weeks before the Hated Raiders get to town.

We need to hope there are some players that make is better right away that hit the waiver wire over the next few weeks.  We are REALLY thin at our DT still and players keep dropping like flies.

The other Defensive need is to teach our LB's how to read screens and react.  We are PATHETIC and I fear teams will run them 3 out of every 4 plays we are so bad at covering them.

We need an entirely new 2nd string offensive line.  There can not be 1 of those guys that is better than anyone every other team is going to let go.  This is my biggest concern right now going into the season as you really do need guys that can give you 1/2 a game or fill in for a couple.

QB:  I save it for last cause it is the least of my worries.  I am a huge Tebow fan but also realistic.  He is not the best QB but I also think he has room to grow and become a dang good one but his time is just not right now.  Quinn is a very good backup and if Orton can continue to get time, he can make any throw we ask him to make.  (again key is going to be getting a running game that is feared enough to keep teams from just rushing cause Orton falls down at the wind from the other teams arms waving at him)


Go Broncos!!!!!  1st up the Raiders and we HAVE to win that game.  Win that one, and the momentum will be hard to stop.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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