Broncos vs Seahawks: The No Bull Review

Nothin like reliving a little history with a good match-up with our old whipping boys the seachickens!  Let’s start by a small analysis of Seattle’s team:  They are not terribly good overall. They do have quite an impressive defensive front 7 that are mostly intact from last year. Offensively, not a scary team at all.  So the big thing I was looking for this week was our team being able to put away a “weak” team.  This is something we haven’t had consistency on for years honestly.  We let bad teams walk all over us (last year we let any size, type, or kind of team walk all over us...or at least it felt that way).  I’m happy to say this week even though it was preseason we took care of business.


1st String Offense

  • Orton’s INT was bad and was a typical example of him not being aware of the zone blitz drop happening towards his primary receiver (who had good position on his primary defender)
  • Orton’s TD pass was cash money in the bank.  He and Decker did great recognizing the zone coverage and exploiting the crease between defenders.  A good QB will consistently make teams pay for playing that kind of coverage inside the 20.  That was pro-quality stuff from our QB
  • I did notice more of the inescapability of our QB in this game...he took sacks because he is just not good at getting away from defenders once they are in his grill.  Teams will try to exploit this in the regular season much like they did starting with the Ravens all last year.  I am anxious to see what we do in those situations and how Orton adjusts.
  • Another thing I’m not excited about with Orton:  In the red zone he again showed a tendency to lock onto Lloyd for a whole play.  That is just useless and leads to failure down there.  Go through your normal progressions when he isn’t open man!
  • Moreno continues to impress me...he showed some really solid vision on some runs this game.  The announcers made a good point about him...he isn’t strong running inside...give him zone stretch plays and sweeps and he can get good gains for us.
  • Orton’s deep pass was a poor choice in my opinion.  Lloyd didn’t have the double coverage beat and it was too risky to me.
  • I love me some Eddie Royal...he made up for it later with his big catch and run, but early in the game he had an awful drop.  He should have some self-imposed quality time with the JUGS machine this week for that.
  • The O-line looked very solid tonight overall.  They were making holes, pushing defenders, and did a fairly solid job protecting our QB.  There was a draw play in the 3rd quarter where I think every man on the line just absolutely PWNED his guy.  The hole they made was just awfully huge.  Good work fellas!
  • I am really loving having McGahee on our team...he just knows how to get the dirty yards baby.  I dig it a lot.

1st String Defense

  • Hint to anyone playing against our D this year...Champ Baily is still Champ MFin Baily.  Don’t waste your time throwing on just make yourself look silly though I’m always very entertained by the QBs that do.
  • Mays was playing with power and intelligence tonight.  I can see how he is a little slower than we’d like on passing situations, but the dude is going to be solid at MLB this year if tonight is any indication.  Loved how he leveled their RB in the 3rd drive.
  • Von Doom really shined tonight.  These guys are going to give QBs nightmares.  I think we will see a few different teams going max protect play-action with 2-3 WR options out this year...that and 3 step drop and throw.  You give these guys 4 seconds and they will be chewing on a QB.
  • Run defense was solid which is just leaps and bounds more than I could say last year.

2nd String Offense

  • Let's start with some props for Tebow:  He was looking to throw down field on his roll-outs consistently.  I love seeing that.  I'm not crowning him our back-up at all, but he's headed the right direction and I can see he's working on being a better QB.
  • Ball benefited from some really nice play from the O-line this game...they were opening big holes for him to run through.  On one early run he made a poor choice though and did my favorite thing of his:  ran into his own man.  I really don't think he should be our #3 RB at this point as I think we can find better.
  • It is a bit nit-picky but there was a roll-out of Tebow's that he totally should have run it instead of attempting a pass in heavy traffic.  He had so much open space in front of him and should have gotten 8 easy yards if it were a regular season game.
  • I thought our 2nd team did a pretty decent job moving the ball overall.  They proved to me that we are a bit deeper of a team than Seattle is.

2nd String Defense

  • These guys still showed some decent pass-rush.  I like seeing that as it means we have a little depth to work with this year.  Good seeing our back-up D-Line getting them some as it shows me we aren't just swinging in the wind with injuries to our front 7.
  • The 2nd team didn't do well at all vs their 1st string going no-huddle.  To me this isn't a big deal though.  It is already starts vs bench you want to go no-huddle too?  Stay classy seachickens.
  • I don't know how else to say this but I haven't tried using an equation yet so here goes:  Pick on Nate Jones = easy yards.  This has to be the Great Mystery of the 2011 Bronco year -- How the HECK is this guy still on the team?

Special Teams

  • I'm officially concerned again about our Special Teams.  We have in the past few years shown way too much of a penchant for letting people run back kickoffs on us.  This has to stop and this week we should get some serious ST reps for kickoff coverage.
  • Willis looked superb early on his punt coverage
  • Squid needs to work on when to call for a fair catch just a little bit.
  • My heavens Prater just friggin owned that football on his long FG success.
  • Love seeing us give him a shot at a 69 yarder...he was only a yard or two short man!  That's a record if he hits. 

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