Players that will earn their Roster spot in AZ

With the 4th and final preseason game on the horizon, I am done basking in the glory of the first half demolition of the Seahawks offense and ready to look forward to the battles before final rosters are trimmed to 53. The guys who I believe are gonna step up and make the team are...

Nate Jones- The savvy vet Jones has consistently been able to steal the spotlight on D the entire preseason and has plenty of plays on film for the coaches to salivate over. I think it will be a no-brainer for EFX...Jones makes the McDonald's

Virgil Green- I see Green stepping up huge in the 4th game and solidifying his spot on the 53 man roster. From what I have seen he has had plenty of time with the ST units early on in games which leads me to believe the staff thinks highly of him and will find a way for him to contribute during the season. He prob won't be active game days barring injury, but I definitely think he snags a spot up in the final 53.


David Bruton- I believe Bruton will come out vs. Arizona and put together a performance that shows the staff he can be a valuable asset to the team in 2011 as a ST workhorse.

Quinton Carter- Makes a play or two more than the Micks...Bath and Carthy, and secures himself a spot.

Parrish Cox- Will look like a starter playing against 2nd rate talent and easily make the roster.

Lee Robinson, Nate Irving, Mike Mohammed- I think they all will be outplayed by Haggan, but not by much and with a cheaper contract the Broncos may decide to save some money and cut the 9 year vet loose. Robinson likely will end up on the PS.

Stanley Daniels- Comes through with a good enough performance to earn a backup OL position. The competition here is painfully bad and Daniels takes advantage of that.

TIm Tebow- Reclaims his 3rd QB spot on the roster with a gutsy performance, out-dueling the 1st-rd pedigree of Adam Weber.(sarcasm)

Russ Hochstein- a jack of all trades, Russ gets a gig at McDonald's with Mr. Jones as a corner traffic waver dressed up as Grimace.

There are way more battles to be fought but It's late and I have ran out of inspiration to continue thumbing through our roster to find them, so I will leave my predictions as they are, giving myself full right to change them immediately after the AZ game.

Go Broncos!

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