Skotty's Projected 53 Man roster

Well close to 53. I think we'll keep 47-50 of our current players and be scouring the waiver wire.

QB: Orton, Tebow, Quinn, Weber(PS)

- Im not going to guess who 2nd and 3rd is, and honestly, i dont care haha. I think weber gets signed to the Practice Squad

RB: Moreno, McGahee, Ball, Johnson

- I'm not sold on Ball's and Johnsons roster spot. I'm sure they will be looking on the waiver wire to see if there is an upgrade available.

FB: Larsen

- I think we go with Larsen unless someone releases a Veteren FB 

WR: Lloyd, Royal, Decker, Willis, Anderson  Demaryius Thomas on the PUP

- Solid group i think. I dont see us adding anyone to this group. I wanted to add Britt Davis, but Anderson makes it over him because he plays special teams

TE: Fells, Thomas, Green, and Gronk

- I was going to leave Gronk off the roster, but i think they keep him. I doubt they will give up on green, he is a athletic pass catcher. This will be a intriguing matchup to watch come thursday

T: Clady, Franklin, Taylor

- Starters are solid, Taylors roster spot is hanging by a thread. He might make it past the final cuts, but they will be making waiver claims for sure.

G: Kuper, Beadles, Olsen

- Kuper and Beadles are the starters obviously. Like taylor, im not sure about Olsens roster spot. Stanley Daniels(remember when he was the teams starter last year?!) and Hochstein are good as gone.

C: Walton

- Walton will be the only center making it for now. Man-Ram should stick to baseball.


Offensive Total = 24


LDE: Ayers, Jarmon, Hunter

- Ayers has been solid. Jarmon and Hunter have both had good camps and preseasons. Jarmon has also played some DT, So has Ayers in nickel packages.

NT: Bunkley, McBean

- Ultimately i see Warren on the IR or PUP list. Bunkley has been solid. McBean didnt look too bad, makes the roster probably. Wouldnt be surprised to see an addition here before the season starts.

DT: Vickerson, Thomas

- I like these two. I hope thomas is healthy for the opener. He is going to have to be a big factor at the DT spot this year. Like i said above, look for a signing here too.

RDE: Dumervil, Harvey, Beal(PS)

- DOOM!! Harvey has been okay, i see him not being active most gamedays though. I'd put him behind Jarmon and Hunter

SLB: Miller, Mohamed 

- two rookies i know. Miller is a stud. Mohamed is a versatile player who will contribute on special teams. I wanted to include Lee Robinson, but i honestly do not know much about this guy.

Mike: Mays, Irving, Haggen

- Mays has been solid this preseason. Looking not too bad in coverage, and a solid run stopper in the middle. Irving has looked good too. Haggen makes it i think. But i wouldnt be surprised if he was cut because he doesnt really fit the scheme.

WLB: DJ, Woodyard

- DJ looks to miss the first 3 weeks tops. So Woodyard will be our starter, and i honestly dont think we will see much of a drop off. If we don't add someone or cut Haggen i could see Mohamed backup here and have Haggen backup at SLB. Don't rule out a waiver wire addition though

LCB: Champ, Vaughn, Cox

- Champ will be champ. Vaughn has looked impressive, and ultimately i see cox making it

RCB: Goodman, Squidy

- Goodman hopefully turns back to his old self. I really like squiddy, and i think he makes it over  bing and harris. Bing and Harris could be PS additions. Cox's legal troubles makes me think we'll keep at least one of them just in-case.

SS: Dawkins, McCarthy, Carter

- Dawkins probably will play on 1st and 2nd downs and be on the sidelines on passing downs, And besides Vaughn, no one else has helped themselves more then Kyle McCarthy. Carter makes it for special teams

FS: Moore, McBath

- Moore looks to be a stud. Fellow 2nd round pick McBath should make it over Bruton, who has been out with a concussion. 


Defense Total: 25


Special Teams

K: Prater

P: Colquitt

LS: Paxton

- Prater is a beast, and Colquitt has been looking great this preseason, and i dont know if we keep paxton or not, but i'll include him anyways

Special Teams total: 3


So ultimately i see 52 guys making it, which gives us room to add 1 more player. But i wouldnt be surprised to see guys like Haggen, Olsen, Taylor. Ball/Johnson not make the final roster.

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