Broncos QB Sanity Check

Good afternoon MHR!  With all the hubub going about regarding our QB controversy, I thought I'd make a post to help people get a grounded look at things.  As those of you know who've been here awhile, I'm big on no Bull Shizzle.  I am open with my opinions and give them to you straight.  Yeah I drink kool-aid from time to time, but I don't chug.  Throughout the season I'll do my typical thing and give you game reviews, but it is preseason now and we have oodles of drama regarding our QB situation...let's hash this thing out!

My Position on the our QBs:

  • Orton is not the long-term answer.  I made my mind up on that last year.  He is about the furthest from clutch you can get in a NFL QB.  I don't like that much at all.
  • Tebow showed potential last year...but that is it.  He hasn't done squat or diddly yet to show that he is the future of our team at QB for the next 5 years.
  • My bottom line is that I want my Broncos to win a MFing game.

Should he Stay or Should he Go?

I don't think the Orton to Miami trade is dead yet...I think Miami is going to go a couple weeks of TC to see what they have and see if they have an answer without having to give Denver what Denver wants (a 2nd - 3rd rounder).  This is going to go one of two ways:  1) They have a QB that looks really sharp and then subsequently tells EFX to pound sand.  2) They cave to the pressure of realizing their squad of QBs is pathetic (it is) and come back to the table (if this happens, I actually think we're more likely to get a 2nd for Orton as we will have the bargaining power).

Does Orton have to go this year?  Not at all.  We have the money and the room on the team to pay him and keep here this year.

Will Orton cause us trouble if he isn't moved?  I doubt it...he's always gotten a raw deal in the NFL, but he's a fair man and he's a football player.


Let's Get this Party Started Already!!!

During the off-season I've said that I think we should start Tebow this year.  I think it will put to rest all this drama if we see what we have in him...and we won't be able to do that until he starts for a long period of time...not just 3 games.  I do put a lot of stock in how QBs look in the preseason games though.  I think no one really needs to get too riled up until we actually see the team at work on the field.  Tebow as a rookie looked solid.  

Right now, all non-biased accounts seem to say he really looks poor in practice.  Practice!?  We talking bout Practice!?  Who the foxtrot cares about practice?  Let's see what he does on the field...we have a month of games to check him out.  I think Fox will know after 2 preseason games what is going to happen unless for some strange reason Tebow really makes some leaps and bounds and it is just too close to call (not gong to happen).

Here's what we need to see from Tebow and what to look for in game: 

  1. How fast is he making his reads?  To me this is the most important thing...if he doesn't make reads, he will look like Quinn did last year in preseason -- dazed and confused.
  2. How accurate are his passes?  Especially look for how he throws the sideline out, slant pass, and screen passes.  I don't think his long ball is a problem...sometimes it seems to take awhile to get there, but he places it well and with Lloyd or Royal going to get it, I don't see it as the big culprit.  The things he needs to better at are the short quick routes...especially the outs to the sidelines.  To do those well you have to put some zip on it and put it in the right place or you will get picked off.
  3. Is he giving the play proper attention, or going into Tebow mode at the drop of a hat?  Many may argue this point with me, but the Tebow freaks fans really shouldn't if they want Tebow to make it.  QBs that make one read and then wing it can be exciting, but it is when they learn proper patience for the play and process the information more quickly that they become dangerous.  See Michael Vick.  He's a good current example of a QB that is really seeing the field well and overcoming his athletic crutch he used so often early in his career.  If Tebow masters this, then we will have that new, dynamic QB style in Denver that everyone is raving about him being.

The Boo-Birds Arriveth!

One thing I hope everyone does...even if Orton starts, cheer for our team.  If you bleed Orange and Blue you will cheer for Orton and put the blame on the coaching if he stinks it up and they don't put Tebow in.  If all you want to do is run Orton out of town, then you don't belong in Broncos Country plain and simple.  

Here's a suggestion for those of you more passionate about this QB controversy:  Put your attention elsewhere!  I for one am way more interested in how our defense looks this year than I am about who is under center for us opening day.  Focus on our new revamped front 7!  Do we attack?  Are we aggressive up front causing turnovers?  This is something to get excited about people. A good defense will see us at at least 8 - 8 by the end of the year with minimal help from the offense.

As always...GO BRONCOS!!!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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