Careless Words Affect Lives: Think For Yourself

Be aware of what the Mainstream Media (MSM) are peddling. The MSM brain trust has gotten together, and there is a shift in tactics regarding the Broncos. They are constructing a false dichotomy, which serves, intentionally or unintentionally, to put the Denver Broncos in a worse situation than they are in. Continue reading to find out what the heck I'm talking about.

The narrative coming out of the MSM since last season is that Kyle Orton is done, and Tim Tebow is the future. There has been rampant speculation that Orton would be traded since former head coach Josh McDaniels was released. The MSM puppetmasters know Tebow's name sells. They desperately wanted him to start. They didn't care about how well Orton plays, or how much experience Orton has. The picture painted by the MSM up until yesterday was that the Broncos needed to jump all-in with Tim Tebow, and get Orton off the roster. 

Meanwhile, they guy we SHOULD be listening to, John Fox, stated the entire offseason that Orton is the starter, and that all quarterbacks will be allowed to compete for the starting job.

So, training camp begins, Orton looks seasoned. Brady Quinn, the forgotten 3rd string QB, by most accounts has vastly improved. And Tim Tebow is suddenly disappointing. Is Tebow coming up short because of the lofty expectations placed upon him? The common response, which is accurate according to what I have seen, is that Tebow is a football player who makes plays in games, but doesn't practice well. 

The MSM narrative shifted yesterday as a result of Michael Lombardi's NFL Network report that Denver had named Kyle Orton the starter. The ensuing avalanche of assumptions, news-molding and manipulation is what I have a huge problem with. The speed with which simple speculation gains traction into a headline baffles me. One commentator on NFLN made the following suggestion: now that Orton is the starter, maybe the Broncos should deal Tebow. In typical MSM fashion, watch over the next few days as this idea gains traction and becomes a headline. It will begin as a question, but it will be a headline: "Should Denver trade Tim Tebow?" And all the talking heads will opine, and new headlines will be gleaned from their suggestions. Meanwhile, NO ACTUAL NEWS HAS OCCURRED. 

What could the MSM gain from stirring up such controversy? If starting Tebow sells, TRADING Tebow must sell even more! You will hear talk about potential trade destinations for Tebow, about what kind of coach or system he will fit. All this is speculation based on speculation without ONE WORD from the Broncos organization. The MSM are creating their own news out of thin air, and it is disgusting and detrimental to the Denver Broncos team. 

There is NOTHING wrong with Denver keeping Orton, starting him this year, and letting Tebow learn and be coached up, in the same fashion Philip Rivers or Aaron Rodgers were allowed to "simmer" on the bench for a few years before getting the starting nod. And if Brady Quinn develops, GREAT! The Denver Broncos have 3 talented QB's. Why is everyone so excited to change that situation? Denver should keep 3 good QB's as long as possible. THe Broncos have depth at QB. And they might need it! And they don't need to free up cap money, so they can afford to keep them. What is wrong with this picture? The MSM have already begun the speculation which will try to create an "either-or" mentality regarding Tebow and Orton. The narrative has moved from Orton vs. Tebow for the starting job to Orton vs. Tebow for the Highlander (there can be only one). Here is the REAL scoop: THE DENVER BRONCOS CAN KEEP 3 GOOD QB'S FOR THE DURATION OF THE 2011 SEASON. 

I urge you, Broncos Country, not to become sheep led by MSM. NOBODY needs to be traded. Do not let your outlook be clouded by headlines that are questions with no answers. That is a sure sign there is an attempt afoot to manipulate you. 

Tim Tebow has been and will be a great NFL quarterback. He can win games. We need to keep him. When he starts should be up to John Fox. 

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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