They're chanting for Orton

Link from CBS Sports:

And we, Broncos Faithful, know the power of angry mob, having witnessed one here last year. I’m not suggesting the fans hold the reigns completely, but, we do hold some power -- particularly when banded together and angry. The Dolphins are now experiencing that.

I mention this to say, keep cool, fellow Bronco fans. It’s the impatient fools and the angry mobs that consistently overpay or simply miss out. The Orton/Tebow thing has not had a chance to play out yet. We haven’t even seen the first preseason game. Tebow is going to continue to be a big story every time he blows his nose because he’s Tim Tebow -- we, as fans, looks silly jumping at every story and criticism. 

To the front office: Have EFX made mistakes? Sure. Are they the only front office to make mistakes. Surely not. The original Orton trade attempt blew up in their face. Okay. Guess what? It’s done. Time to move on. Have they made some solid moves since then? Certainly. And, perhaps, some of the most solid may show out to be the ones they didn’t make. Again, it needs time. They need time to be evaluated. Now is not the time to do that.

This is a new regime. Is Tebow going to suffer more because of it (and the lockout)? Probably. By some reports, it appears that way initially. Orton simply has a higher QB IQ at this point (based on NFL experience), therefore making him better suited to the immediate needs of the team (if, indeed, we are to assume they’re trying to win now. I, for one, do assume that. I think it’s ridiculous conspiracy to suggest they would tank the season before it even started for a shot at a promising but unknown talent the next year). Tebow has loads of awesome intangibles that I think we all look forward to seeing -- but he’s going to take time. He was and remains a project -- a very exciting one, but still a project. 

Would Tebow be better served in his development by starting right now? Maybe. Maybe not. If he’s hurt by this development/waiting process, however, he’s already answered the question of whether or not he’d ever be ready. He was pissed (understandably) by the brass ring being nearly within his grasp and he sounds like he’s just going to use it being pulled from him to fire him up even more. To that end, I say: Good for you (and we Broncos fans), Tim! 

Here’s one thing I do know: you (fans) don’t know for sure what’s best for Tebow’s development. And neither do I. And neither (with absolute certainty) does John Fox. But as Fox IS the Broncos head coach and has a longer and stronger NFL track record than anyone else I’m hearing from, I’m backing Fox. If you’re doubting John Fox now and making summary judgments about his coaching ability/decision-making before he’s even coached a single preseason game I say you’re being absolutely willfully patently ridiculous. I don’t care if you’re a coach (former or present). I don’t care if you’re a paid pundit / “expert”. John Fox is the coach of the Broncos with exactly ZERO games of record under his belt for the Broncos and a reasonable track record of NFL coachin experience behind him. And you’re going to say you KNOW better than him for sure? Methinks you’re full of it. He knows better than you do. He understands more than you do. He’s earned his position and his shot.

And as those cries increase from Miami (as I would lay odds on them beginning from other markets, too -- this is a QB league right now and “the grass is always greener with the next QB”...don’t you see that irony right in front of you?!?), Orton’s value will only increase. The Broncos will almost certainly get offers on Orton before the trade deadline. Where the Broncos are at as a team at that point and how Orton is performing individually will have everything to do with the value of those offers. 

In the meantime, how about we quell the angry mob amongst ourselves. Let’s allow this thing to play out -- at least through the bleedin’ preseason for a brand new regime that hasn’t even gotten it’s feet wet! -- before we start making hyperbolic statements that only serve to divide. Remember our role: we are fans. We know the surface, we do not know the underbelly or the innards. 

We don’t have to sing kumbaya, but I know we can all say: Let’s go BRONCOS!

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