Fanatics... Help me find the Excitment

As most of you know I am a second generation Broncos fan. My father got our family's first set of season tickets in 1963, when I was 3 years old. He was the most optimistic Bronco ever and that was when we were terrible. Even when other teams were driving it down our throat he would always truly believe that we would force a fumble or interception. He had a positive outlook on every play. That was a fun way to watch football sitting next to the eternal optimist who bled orange and blue. Perhaps the only fan I know now that resembles my father is Bronco Billie, who I hear on the radio from time to time, and of course the talk-show hosts patronize him, but Bronco Billie, like my father, could care less. He just wanted a full mug of orange kool-aid.  I want to get back that feeling of just loving my Broncos, but I just can't seem to find that excitement. Perhaps I was spoiled by Elway, I watched every snap he took from center as a Bronco. To me he was the best QB ever to play, but that can be debated. But he was the most exciting. There is a guy named VIck in Philly, who is also excitement in a bottle, but still no Elway. I think that is why I am having trouble wrapping my arms around this team. I know I will not see Kyle Orton spinning away from an on-coming pass rusher sprinting across the field then throwing 60 yards down field as the DB;s look up in amazement thinking no man could make that throw. But he wasn't just any man he was John Elway.

Funny my father only got to see Elway play two seasons before he died of a rare blood disorder. Follow me after the jump as I try to find the sources of excitement on this 2011-2012 Broncos Team.

Before I start trying to convince myself that there are several reasons and players to be excited about I want to talk about what in my opinion has the Broncos stuck on boring and mediocre  The first one is the lack of big time play makers. Just look at the the pro bowl team last year 1(one) Bronco actually voted on.  The second is the lack of an exciting personality. I really struggle with the diva receivers and I always want humble superstars but  it is ok to not just be a robot who  holds his cards close to his vest.  Additionally, John Fox ( who I think was a good hire) is hardly ready to be a leading man in the movie reals, and I am sure we won't see him in fetish videos with he and his wife popping up on you tube. The closest thing Elway has done in the FO is learn how to tweet which is actually pretty cool.  Then I see Vegas set the over-under on Broncos wins this season at 5.5.  So without searching for those orange genes that my father left me, it would be very easy to find nothing exciting about this team.  YOU PEOPLE WHO DON'T UNDERSTAND THE FANS DESIRE FOR TEBOW STOP AND THINK.  HE IS THE CLOSEST THING TO EXCITEMENT IN THE MOUNTAIN TIME ZONE. IF IT WEREN'T FOR TEBOW THE NFL MIGHT FORGET DENVER HAD A FRANCHISE.  So I said to myself Kris what would your father have said going into this season? Who would he root for? So in honor of my father Robert Allen Burghart Jr. and any of you who are having trouble getting pumped up for another year of Kyle Orton  here is the way I think the most positive fan of all time would look at the 20011-20012 Broncos.

He would say we are the ultimate party hosts. Yep Miller and Doom throwing weekly parties any other Broncos feel free to show. We meet at the opponets QB say 3 or 4 times a week. lets party and do a sack dance. Bronco's fans sacks are exciting plays.

The circus is in town and playing at Mile High Stadium (refuse to call it Invesco) Have you ever seen anyone jump for the ball in traffic contort his body like a gumby doll and snatch the ball with velcro like hands well then get excited about Brandon Lloyd. Broncos Circus catches are exciting regardless who throws it.  To go with the circus catches we have Eddie with the jets. That's right Eddie Royle is fully healthy for the first time since his rookie season where he had 91 catches. He is good for 5 or 6 missed tackels a game. by the way watching opposing defenders grasping at air is exciting.

Bring on the BEEF, the BEEF, The BEEF.... if our big uglies are better than your big uglies we will win more games.  If nothing else there are a lot of new faces especially on the defensive front 7 many who came into the league with very high expectations. We should be better at LB and DL lets cheer for the warriors who dig in on the line-of-scrimmage. My father told me William Wallace was a Bronco fan and I believe him. At this point we just growl instead of cheering because it is warrior like and we are  Bronco men and warrior princesses.

Speed kills- last year we had terrible speed at two particular positions: safety and LB. I believe that is why we drafted 3LB's and 2 Safeties. Willis will add speed to the receiving corps and we also have a slimmed down Moreno and some other speed at RB. You see we want to be able to catch them and we don't want them to catch us and when that happens it is exciting. ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM.

These are just some of the things that I think my father would have found to cheer for. I am now convinced that a big part of the reason I want Tim Tebow to play is that I am starved for excitement. So since it appears that Kyle Orton is going to be my beloved Bronco's QB. I need your help here at MHR. we are the best Bronco Fans. Fans(by the way that is short for fanatic) help me find things to be excited about this year so I won't let my father down.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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