MHR Game Film - Only "Perfect" Practice Makes Perfect

This fanpost actually spilled out in a comment I was writing on another post, and felt it was something that should have a post of its own. For one, its too long for a comment, and second, there have been far to many fights over the Orton/Tebow issue.

Orton was the starting QB last year. He got hurt and was not 100%, so Studesville decided to go with Tebow who WAS 100%, and also to see what he had in the QB since the Broncos season was a wash already. Tebow WAS NOT the starting QB last year. Tim Tebow was the BACKUP QB last year that got playing time because of his special skill set, Orton's injuries (and maybe a run of bad luck/play for Orton), and the opportunity an atrocious season gives you to use the last few games of the year to re-evaluate your roster.

Did Tim go against the 1st string D behind a second string line, in Saturday's Scrimmage? Yes. Did he miss open receivers on the FEW plays he got without Doom/Miller in his face? YES. In fact of the pressure free (passing) plays he got - 4 of them - he completed ONE pass and almost got the first down on a 3rd an long. He threw two others at the receivers feet, and the 4th overshot his receiver. Those plays had NO pressure. And THAT is what is being criticized about Tebow in the scrimmage. People need to stop making excuses for Tebow! I love the guy. I think he could be the closest thing to John Elway Denver has seen (and may ever see) since #7 retired. I really do. And I really hope he gets an opportunity to prove people wrong.

He got a tiny opportunity last year, but it wasn't enough game time to see what he's really made of. It was a glimpse of possibilities (good and bad). I WANT TEBOW TO SUCCEED AS OUR QUARTERBACK OF THE FUTURE. But I WILL NOT make excuses for him, and he wouldn't want me OR ANYONE ELSE to make those excuses. The only thing standing in Tebow's way of starting is Tim Tebow himself. Orton is not an obstacle. Tebow not being better than Orton is the obstacle. The sooner people get this through their heads, the sooner they will understand why Fox is doing things the way he's doing things. It's not a mystery. It's not some crazy idea to pull trade value for Orton. Its just facts. Take off the blinders and look with your eyes.

Tebow may the best QB to ever play in Denver (besides Elway). He also may be just another 1st round QB bust that doesn't have the right skillset to make it in this league. Does he have the work ethic? Yes. Does he have the talent? Yes. Can he win games (regardless of mechanics, accuracy, etc,)? We don't know yet. He's 1-2 as a starter. That's not a winner.... YET. But he shouldn't get a free ride over Orton because he's the fan-favorite and potential future of this franchise. Fox understands the importance of winning now and winning in the future. Sometimes you DON'T have to choose one or the other.

What if we can win now with Orton and win later with Tebow, or with Orton, or win now with Tebow? We just don't know. But daydreaming and making excuses aren't going to help anybody. In fact they're just going to lead Broncos fans into a major spell of disappointment come September 12th. And anger at Fox for NO REASON. So knock the crap off. There's no "I'm right and you're wrong" here. None. It's not about who is starting or not, or who should start or not. The fact is that Fox will put the QB on the field he thinks gives the Broncos the best chance at getting better! Now? In the future? Does it matter?

Lets see this franchise get turned around and not squabble over a ficticious QB controversy that NOBODY in Dove Valley honors as a legitimate issue. Even the Brandon Lloyd quote said it all. It's basically the FANS that have the issue, not any players, not any coaches. So can we shut up about it now? Don't get me wrong. I don't mind people stating their opinions as to who they think should start and why, that's TOTALLY fine. In fact I would encourage it. But stop drawing battle-lines, attacking each other, and implying that somebody up top isn't doing this thing right. Cause we don't know until we see what happens.There's nobody on this blogsite that can read the future and tell us which decisions are wrong or right at the current moment.

Can't you all just enjoy the fact that football is back and we've got some great Broncos players getting into shape to go and entertain us and give us our football fix? Does it have to be YOUR way or the highway? Seriously. Let's just enjoy the damn season and enjoy the player competitions, regardless of how fair some of you think they are. Its not your ass on the line if the Broncos don't perform well. You're not losing your job, or money (unless you're gambling in Vegas on them). You pay to be entertained, and they entertain - well or poorly. Its Fox and the players involved that have their money on the table and their future careers and reputations at stake. Just friggen leave it be and let's watch some live football next week!

This same crap happened the first year McDaniels came in (which in retrospect, quite a few of his personnel moves were BIG blunders). Some people saw them for what they were and guessed right. But only TIME proved those people right and proved wrong the people pulling for McDaniels and his crazy moves. Did it change anything? Did it make a difference in the outcome of last season? NO. It didn't help the Broncos, and it didn't help the fanbase. It was just arguing and nitpicking. It wasn't educational. Let's debate our opinions in the spirit of hope for next season. Whether you want to place that hope in Tebow or Orton, it doesn't matter who. I am a DENVER BRONCOS fan, and I want the DENVER BRONCOS to win this year. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM!!! Not JUST Tebow, or JUST Orton. I want them all to be amazing! They won't all be, but some will.

I set my hopes high and my expectations low and although I'm unhappy with some seasons of football - I still enjoyed watching the season unfold and watching certain players get better. We have a lot to be excited about this year. Let's not forget that we're all here to root for the Denver Broncos. That means players COACHES, and everyone else. I'm rooting for John Fox and whatever QB he chooses to start, regardless of the opportunities they were or were not given. And I am comfortable with Tebow's intangibles to know that the kid will find a way to impress and prove he can make it as a starting QB in this league - if he has the skills, will, and mental fortitude to achieve it, he will - regardless of whos standing in the limelight. Shannon Sharpe did it. Terrel Davis did it. Rod Smith did it. Do I need to go on? Quit worrying about Tebow. If he's a gamer, its going to show even if he's a backup. These things have a way of working themselves out.

Let's not fight over something that NONE of us have any control over - any inside knowledge about - and just get amped up for this season. The home field advantage can't come back if the fans don't want to believe (even if their hopes may get dashed). Yes, we were spoiled by Elway and the fact that we really could still be in just about every game we were losing. And you know what? We still lost a lot of those games. Fans were disappointed. You don't need to protect your emotional well-being here. You'll survive, you'll get over it. I've already gotten over the McDaniels Era, and am ready to shout until my lungs bleed, stomp until my feet go numb, and clap until my hands are bruised. 

WE here at MHR HAVE to be the example. And I think our Staffers here to a GREAT job of presenting the site that way. They don't report with the bias of the Denver Post, or NFL Network. They try to be extremely objective. And it's starting to really get noticed. Ask any MHR-goer that attended the stadium scrimmage about the boo's of Orton (and possibly Tebow). NO Denver Bronco Fan should be booing their undefeated team. Ever. Period. That is classless and immature. It doesn't matter who you want to start or how much you like (or dislike) a guy. When they start quitting on plays, or show no passion for the game, or love for this City and Fanbase, THEN, and only then... should the boo birds ever be heard. Not at an undefeated team full of passionate, dedicated players that are trying to get better and bring you championships, entertainment, and personal bragging rights.

We are the example here. WE are the ones that need to be objective, hopeful, and educational about this team; all the while being professional, courteous, and understanding with our fellow fans who only want good things for the Broncos. There are hundreds... HELL there are THOUSANDS of readers who get on here are read our thoughts and opinions every day that NEVER comment about it, and NEVER post their own thoughts. THOUSANDS of people are hearing what we're talking about, reading what we're thinking, and guess what....? Those could be the same THOUSANDS of fans that are booing a classy professional that's only come in and given this franchise his best (Orton). Is his best good enough? Well we didn't win a whole lot, did we...? But that doesn't mean you treat him like dirt. Sure you look elsewhere for an answer. But you don't turn on the guy like a wolf. 

I'm not picking out any individual or group of people per-say. I just want to make sure we're all on the same page here. This isn't the bowels of the comment section, or DP article opinion-hell. This is MHR. This is the voice of the fans, and we should think hard about what we're saying on here, because it effects the way people think. And the way people think effects the way that they act. I REALLY want that homefield advantage back, and we're not going to get it back by fighting with each other, and showing serious lack of respect and appreciation to our team and players on a public AND POPULAR information hub. Let's be better than that. Have all the Tebow and Orton debates you want, but give credit where credit is due, respect each other, and GET EXCITED about this football season!

Here's hoping to hear the loudest "GO BRONCOS!!!" this year than we've heard since the 2005 AFC Championship game. Let's do this!!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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