Greatest Advantage on Monday Night; Home Field? VonDoom? Nope, nope.


Hue Jackson

One successful NFL season at the 'Coordinator' level... in three tries

No Head Coaching experience at any level

The greatest advantage for the Broncos on Monday Night is that they don't have Raiders management and coaching. I'm not going to beat up on Al Davis too much here, not because he doesn't deserve it, but because there's just not much more any of can say that we don't already know. I'm also not going to spend this post talking about Tom Cable, or why the Raiders decided to fire the only Captain that didn't crash the Raider Ship into the rocks in the last decade. We all know that Cable was a loose cannon, but also that the team finally improved on the field and in the draft during his short tenure. Yet, he was canned. Whatever... Moving on..

Here's something you might have guessed, but probably never knew... There have been a couple really bad decisions in deciding the top of the new coaching tree. Sure, Al Davis runs the show, but Oakland would at least have hope had they hired a good HC candidate that was strong on one side of the ball and who hired a strong Coordinator on the other side of the ball. But remember, folks... this is the Oakland Raiders we're talking about.

Head Coach:

Newbie Raiders Head Coach Hue Jackson has held just two coaching positions in the NFL that were higher than that of position coach. In each of the two cases, he lasted for just a single year as OC (first with the Redskins, then with the Falcons). In both cases, the offense he was responsible for regressed and he was sent packing at the end of the first year. After being fired each time, he had to take a demotion with a new team as a position coach again.

2010 was his third try at becoming an offensive coordinator, and it was also just his third collective year in that position at the NFL level. The Raiders offense was successful in 2010. So that makes him 1 for 3 as a coordinator. Naturally, there was only one decision to make here... promote this MF to Head Coach immediately! After all, he did run a successful NFL offense once.

Just to be clear here, I’m not nit picking this guy’s resume and keeping out the good stuff to make him look bad. He’s been coaching in the NFL since 2001, and his only success at anything above that of position coach was when he was last year’s OC for the improved Raiders. Hue Jackson has no experience at being a Head Coach at any level of football either.

This guy failed at two attempts in being a coordinator and was fired each time after just a year. His third attempt is successful for the Oakland offense - for just one time, one year, ever - and it just happens to be at the same time Oakland also made massive improvements in the draft and on defense as well. Is it really so unlikely that it was the HC responsible for these successes - you know, instead of this two-time failure?

Coaching a particular position exclusively is a different skill set than it takes to manage an entire unit. This guy failed at that management level two of three times. Now he finds a golden egg in his third try, gets all the credit and is immediately promoted to manage an entire team. I just don't know how many other ways you can spell... stupid. OK, moving on..

Defensive Coordinator:

So, what's the first order of business for an inexperienced, rookie Head Coach - one with absolutely zero defensive coaching experience? Well, you replace your defensive coordinator, of course. I mean, obviously.

John Marshall was the defensive coordinator for the Raiders for two years, 2009-2010. In that short amount of time, he took over a 27th ranked Oakland Defense, and he left them with an 11th ranked unit. So again, pretty easy decision to Donald Trump this guy, right? And here's the next obvious and easy call: When looking for a replacement DC to help out your HC who has no defensive experience, you certainly don't want to look at hiring someone who's actually had success in the position they're now being hired for. Again, that's just common sense, right? Enter Chuck Bresnahan.

This guy Chuck, brand new DC for the Oakland Raiders, got his first NFL coordinator position in 2000, and it was with the Oakland Raiders. Man, you just can't make this stuff up. So this guy takes over a 10th ranked defense and spends four years there, giving them rankings of 17th, 18th, 11th and 30th. Sure, it's Al Davis he was working for, but it was still a very good offense and a 10th ranked defense that he toileted.

So Bresnahan gets fired and goes to Cincinnati where he takes an assistant job for a year, then he gets promoted back up to being a defensive coordinator the following year, 2005. This time, Chuck takes over a Bengals team that ranked 19th in defense. So now he proceeds to wreck this defense, too - taking the Bengals to rankings of 28th, 30th, and then 27th in 2007.There is no Al Davis to blame this time.

Chuck was a DC in Cinci during the era of QB Carson Palmer and HC Marvin Lewis - when they were still very good. The Bengals offense ranked top-ten all three years Bresnahan was there, but it was still Chuck's defense that lost the Bengals a playoff game after an 11 win season, and his defense also prevented them from getting into the playoffs the other two years.

Chuck Bresnahan got fired and ended up taking a year off from coaching. He returned in 2009 as a lowly linebacker coach for the Florida Tuskers. He became their DC in 2010. And now, naturally, he’s been hired to be the defensive coordinator back in Oakland - to run the whole show on for that unit, for a coach that’s never coached defense in his life.


Of these two guys that now run the Oakland Raiders, they combine for a collective one successful season as a Coordinator out of ten tries. Both have failed at the coordinator position in epic fashion, and neither has ever managed a team at any level. The HC has no defensive coaching experience what so ever, and the defensive coordinator has never been successful coaching an NFL defense. Like I said, you just can't make this stuff up. This management structure is set up for epic failure. And it's the greatest advantage the Broncos will have on Monday Night - greater than the VonDooom phenomenon even.

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