Why stick with Orton? Someone please explain this to me.

It made no sense to go into the season with him in the first place, and all the people that have been saying “we’re 16-0 and till we’re not”, well…we’re not, and now the offense looks bad too.

-We still can’t run the ball(and didn’t put in a ton of effort early to try despite such promises), and now we can’t pass the ball on a secondary that’s supposed to be terrible without Nnamdi(keep in mind our deep WR core). Our O-line still has big question marks. We put together 1 offense td. Great command of the offense by Orton, if he’s truly that far above our other QBs, this team is in for a world of trouble.

-The defense still can’t stop the run and were bad on 3rd downs.

-If we can’t beat the Raiders, on Monday Night, under our new coach, and our new VP, on opening night, and Kyle Orton had a good portion of the blame in tonight’s loss, then how in the hell is KO giving our team the best chance to win, isn't he supposed to be the difference maker on our offense?

-Kyle Orton still takes sacks in the redzone on 3rd down, and just untimely sacks in general. The fumble out of his hand was inexcusable. He’s a top QB like Tony Romo is, in the stat column, but when it comes down to prime time situations, he’s depressing to watch and doesn't seem to care one way or another about it. There were COUNTLESS misreads by Orton tonight by the way(even on plays where he had plenty of time to make reads) and I saw very little “elite potential this year” outta Orton like I've been promised by oh so many.

-Orton has zero passion, and it reflects through his teammates and in the crowd. I was expecting the place to be rocking tonight and it seemed as if Orton had a lot to do with it being rather quiet compared to many others i’ve been to.

-We’ve got to go with Tebow or Quinn if we loss one of the next 2, if not, I think there’s gonna be some SERIOUS boo birds at home games. I was at the game tonight and in the 4th, when Orton made mistakes(which there were at least 4-6 I can think of off the top of my head) there were a ton of boos, followed by minor Tebow chants by a few(didn’t partake in either until the very end when i just became disgusted with myself for spending well over a 1000 dollars of my hard earned money on the broncos in the past season and now a game.

Kyle Orton is not going to win a Championship and may never even grab us a division, he’s a system QB(a system we don’t have anymore btw) that has not a bone of clutchness in his body. Those that think this team is going to make the playoffs still need to wake up. We need to rebuild, and sticking with Orton isn’t what’s best for this franchise, don’t care if it’s Tebow, Quinn, David Garrard, or John Elway himself, but we need a serious change in the Mile High if the Broncos hope to turn things around in the next couple years. Things are bleak, tonight was a completely sobering night, and it’s evident that though we are improved in certain areas, our weaknesses of the past couple years haven’t been fixed yet.

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