How can a defense stop Orton? (and other rants about tonight's game)



Silly question, isn't it? Any casual fan that watches Orton for more than a game could devise a basic philosophy on how to stop Orton. Simple enough, bring the heat and disrupt his timing, force him to make a play. Now insert a grizzled veteran defensive co-ordinator into the mix and ask him how he plans to stop Orton?...

By what I have seen since our 6-0 start way back when, Defensive coordinators have figured out a way to stop Orton. Let's be honest with ourselves...the guy isn't too hard to figure out, is he?

Now ask yourself how would you stop Tebow? Although he is raw, inexperienced, etc, etc...the answer is a bit more complex isn't it? I might say something like have a "spy" assigned to him, bring CBs off the edges, force him to be a pocket passer...not sure if a QB who's bread and butter is making plays outside of pocket(John Elway, Michael Vick, Steve Young, and the great Johnny Button)  has ever been "consistently" forced to stay inside pocket so I'm not too sure how that would be accomplished. I may be wrong here, but I think a d-co would also have to come up with a few more schematics to stop Tebow...and maybe they would just settle for containing the guy.

With Orton, d-cos know if they can stop the run early and force Kyle to beat them on 3rd and long situations he WON'T. Percentages say he won't. The "eye test" says he won't. Sadly, late in games that are on the line, we see our poor Kyle get absolutely teed off on by opposing defenses that give his ability to possibly extend a play no respect whatsoever. And he doesn't make them pay.

Tonight's game was there for the wasn't Kyle that got us into position to win the game was a punt return TD coupled with the Raider's continuously shooting themselves in the foot and keeping our Offense on the field, although they really hadn't been able to sustain a decent drive without the aid of Boneheads on the Raider side of the ball. So when the Raider's serve the game to Orton on a platter to take, what does he do? He gives it right back to them, Kyle stopped himself.

After the KC loss last year, I had doubt that Orton gives us the best chance to win at the QB position. I set those doubts aside and thought if EFX says Orton gives us the best chance to win, then he must. If Brandon Lloyd says the locker room supports Orton, then it must. Now let's put ourselves in the shoes of EFX and Lloyd...

EFX- They come in on a lockout shortened offseason and watch as Tebow flutters ducks in practice and looks awful. They possibly reconsider their position after the "practice eye test" makes KO look like the clear cut starter of the group. They look at the development of Aaron Rodgers as an example, and see fit to let Tebow develop under the guidance of a true professional, Kyle Orton.

Brandon Lloyd- is obviously in a contract year and the MSM points out many times that Lloyd has had 1 good year in his many as a pro. So would a team take a risk on signing a veteran WR with only one standout season? Not likely. Lloyd knows he must produce this year if he is to cash in on a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract. He has a rapport with Orton. If the Broncos win only 5 games this year but Lloyd catches a 100 balls for 10 TDs and makes it back to the Pro Bowl, he is cashing in...whether it be Denver or somewhere else, the man will get paid. Now what if Tebow plays? A larger percentage of the offense will be on the ground. Less balls will go Lloyd's way, although he will still have the chance to produce as he did in the 3 games last year with Tebow under center. With Tebow in, who knows who is favorite target could end up? Could be Decker, Lloyd, D Thomas, Royal, Green, Fells, Willis...but one thing is for sure...Kyle's favorite go-to-guy is Lloyd and gives him the best shot to produce individually.

If Orton's clutch struggles continue, and looking at our recent history they will...EFX can not and will not show a lot of patience in pulling the plug on Kyle and seeing just what type of game day player this Tebow character is. And if Tebow shows flashes of brilliance the keys to the franchise will be handed to him. And for Lloyd, if Demaryius Thomas stays healthy when he comes back and is able to show flashes of brilliance, Lloyd may become expendable if his contract demands are too high.

Although tonight was only one game, it gave many of us in Broncos Country too many flashbacks to the nightmare that was the 2010 season. It will be interesting to see how this team responds Sunday, that's for sure.

Oh yeah, almost forgot... Kyle Orton might be the worst guy ever at setting up screens. For as good as he is with play action, he equally sucks with the screen game so that's a wash.

Other observations

-JD Walton plays dirty, probably what we need on that line.

-Beadles plays a bit lost.

-as does Franklin in the passing game

-why didn't we run towards Franklin's side a bit more while tring to establish run game?

-Moreno in the run game...ugghhhh, looks like he got those stutter steps going toward line of scrimmage back. Hit the hole!!!!!!!! Wait, there wasn't one.

-Who the f**k's job is it to scuff our footballs for the offense? Orton, Moreno, Lloyd, McGahee all had balls squirt out of their hands one time or another. Our balls seemed much slicker than Oakland's balls. (pun intended)

I am nearing a 1,000 words now and feel I am done venting about tonight's embarassment. There were obviously some bright spots out there to look forward to, such as our pass defense and improved pass rush...however we only got a glimpse of that tonight because of the failed opportunities early on by the offense. If the Broncos build an early lead and force the raiders to rely on their non-existent passing game, then the game could have been managed by Mr. Orton. Next week, we get to face another run-first team in the Cincinatti Bengals, and the goal once again will be to build an early lead while stopping the run...hopefully next week brings better execution and a win.

Go Denver Broncos!!!


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