I Hate Tim Tebow.................

Well actually I don't. In fact I have much respect and awe for the guy and wish there were many more athletes that wanted to be the best at any cost, wanted the desire to succeed and were willing to work as hard as they could to be the best they could. I also admire him for the role model he has given to our younger generation. He is a man of character and honor, integrity and heart that makes me proud when I see a kid wearing his shirt over that of the Roethlisbergers and Vicks of the world.

What I hate is that Tim Tebow is at Denver and the manner in which our fanbase behaves because of this. In part this is because he is, at the moment, in a position where any he and any QB behind a porous OL is not going to be able to lead this team to success. But my main reason is that his arrival in Denver has changed the fanbase and all that we are.

Bronco fans have always appeared to be in unison, kind of a One Team, One Dream mantra where we would all revel in the successes the team went through and all huddle together in dire situations and discuss how the team should move forward. You would be hard pressed to find Denver fans who differed on whether or not Wade Phillips should be fired, whether Elway should stay or go (Dan Reeves era), how Shanahan handled the Plummer/Cutler situation or whether Brandon Marshall's ego should be moved form the Rocky Mountain area. As a majority the Denver fanbase knew what should happen and what we wanted. I am clear that we all want success, we all want Elway to lead the front office but we have no idea how we are going to get there and now we seem an ill informed, whiny, hot headed fanbase.

In my belief this is because we have Tim Tebow. We were damned if we picked him and yet we made the plunge. At this precise moment in time Tebow is not going to lead us to the promised land, no QB is. We have Orton as our starter. He is a game manager, a player who in theory won't lead us to greatness and won't stink the place out. He can succeed if all areas of the team work together as one. However our units don't work in sync. Our O line is weak, feeble, poor at best. There is little point in blaming Orton for ending up on his backside when he has no time to do anything. There is no point in blaming Orton for a lack of velocity when he can't plant to throw the ball. Would Tebow be any better under the circumstances? Not so much. Then there are the RBs, Moreno in particular has shown poor ball security, poor hands and has not conviction when hitting the hole. Is this the fault of Orton? Would Tebow fix the running game? Next are the wideouts. Decker is getting there, Lloyd is there yet the rest of the pack have shown poor route running (including Lloyd), awful drops in key situations. Whether it is Orton or Tebow as QB they won't solve that problem.

On defense our secondary is in places it shouldn't be on the field, our pass rush was non existent and our run defense is a joke. Our D is laughable at best at the moment and is embarrassing to the players (see Champ's quotes) and the franchise as a whole. Yet playing Tebow won't make our defense better, booing Orton won't make our defense better will it?

I understand that some folks want to see Tebow thrust into the driving seat. We have an exciting raw talent who has a huge upside but he is not the Savior at the moment of the Denver Broncos franchise. Those calling for Tebow to start I feel are not looking at the bigger picture. Tebow isn't going to achieve greatness this year, he can't fix the problems our team has at the moment. When he begins to experience what Orton is going through then we will inundated with "Tebow is awful, draft Luck" comments.

What I would like to see is unison for the team. Orton gives it his all out there, he wants to win and he does as much as he can. I am disgraced to see Denver "fans" calling Orton everything under the sun and blaming him for every loss when really there are bigger problems the Kyle Orton. In the same way if Tebow gets the chance to play  I hope everyone wishes Tebow the best and no matter how he plays they see that he is doing his best for the team.

The arrival of Tim Tebow has divided our fanbase and to be honest it is a horrendous time to be a Broncos fan. We can't debate, we can't have sensible conversations, we can't talk about anything without mentioning Tebow. Worst of all we can't even see beyond the faults of the QB position.The best solution is Tebow gets shipped or Tebow starts and then all the speculation can stop and we can focus on the team, not on two QBs, ignoring the other 51 players and their excellencies and flaws. This is not a QB debate, it is far MORE than that.

So no I don't hate Tim Tebow, quite the opposite, I was merely looking for a headline grabber to address a problem. But I do hate the way the Denver Bronco fanbase acts, behaves and is divided because of the arrival of Tebow. I hope once again we can be a united fanbase who rallies together and who wants to see the One Team, One Dream lived out.

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