Orton in the clutch

Wow, the only thing more depressing than last nights game was logging into the site this morning and see the reaction towards Kyle Orton. We lost. We lost a very physical game by three points. We did not lose by 40 points. We were beat by a much more physical football team. The guys, each one of them, kept their head up and kept pushing ahead. Yes, we got beat, but this team is so far ahead of the team we had last year that I cannot escape a sense of optimism even while in the dispair of this loss.

Coming into this game we understood the strengths of the Raiders and therefore our biggest challenges. On Offense we had to handle Oaklands front 4. On defense we had to contain DMF. Do those two things and we win. Do not those two things and we lose. That was pretty much the consensus here on MHR and else where. We did neither, so, as we predicted, we lost.


 And it is all Kyle Orton's fault!




That was the phrase heard all summer. Kyle did get sacked 5 times in 46 passing attempts. Yet in the majority of cases he did what he does well. He steped up, slide to the side, or retreated while he kept his eyes up to find any recievers. Despite the lack of any significant running game and repeatedly being being set back by penalty, Orton and the Broncos converted 6 of 13 third downs.




 Down by 10 points. Five minutes on the clock. Kyle Orton takes the snap and immediately curls up into a ball three yards behind the center. That seems to be the story being told here this morning. My cable box must have been broken, I did not see that drive. I saw the boo birds and the Tebow maniacs refusing to lend moral support to thier team when the game was still within reach --- yes, I saw that on my TV even if I missed the other play. The fans gave Orton every reason to quit. He did not. After a couple penalties he finds himself facing a first and 15 from the 15. Calm as ususal, he leads the team 85 yards, converting three third downs, and brings the Broncos to within a Pratter feild goal of winning the game. He manages the clock well. At the end of that drive the Broncos have 3:49 and two time outs. The Defense need a three and out .... which never comes.


 That drive - accept it or not - was a big time clutch drive by a professional quarter back. But all things are Kyle's fault - this I should know by now.


Where did we lose the game ... I mean besides allowing Kyle Orton onto the roster?


We had four fumbles, two lost. We only forced one.


 We had one pass intercepted against, we did not intercept Oakland even once.


We had one punt blocked - that was offset by a 90 yard TD return.


We gave up 5 sacks but recorded only one.


 We rushed for only 38 yards but gave up 190.


 We were penalized 10 times - they had 15 It was an ugly physical game.


We got beat physically in just about every aspect of the game. Their front four absolutely dominated our Offensive Line, forcing sacks and drawing penalties. Our defense stood strong, but were still unable to contain DMF when it counted most.


All these things, and we lose by only 3. A loss is never fun. We don't play to lose. But we should recognize the vast improvement this team has made in the very short off season and not seek to villify and undermine Kyle Orton simply because he could not single handedly humble the Raiders on one Monday night.


 PS- More than once I watched the master of the come backs fall three points short. I watched it happen against the Raiders.

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