We WILL Be Drafting A QB In Next Years Draft

I got hit pretty hard on here for telling people my thoughts on how Tebow looked during training camp.  As it turned out most people came to see that Tebow was not as good as Orton during training camp.  With that being said, and the performance of Orton last night, I think it is safe to say that Orton is not a QB that can take you to the Super Bowl. 

He is unimaginative, slow, and struggles against even the most basic of blitzes.  I know I am not alone in thinking this as the newspapers are filled with articles saying the same thing and the crowd at Mile High was chanting for Tebow and booing Orton.

So obviously this is where we all begin saying that Tebow is the answer and he needs to start.  I agree that he needs to start.  Lets see what he can do.  With no run game, a below average defensive line, we are not going anywhere this year.  If Tebow is going to turn into the next Steve Young it is now or never. 

Yet if we are all honest and have listened carefully to the comments of Fox and Elway about what they think of Tebow and what they desire in a QB, I think you would be hard pressed to to stick with the idea that these two will not be drafting a QB in next years draft.  Elway has made to many comments that if you pay attention to, elude to the fact that he wants a pocket passer who can make all the throws and work through his progressions with precision.  Asking Tebow to be this is not fair to him because that is just not who he is.

So go ahead and rip me but let me give you a couple of QB's I would love to see us draft this next year. Mind you I am not anti-Tebow or Orton for that matter, all I want is for us to do whatever it takes to become Super Bowl contenders again.


1. Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford: You have got to believe that every time John Elway watches his Alma Mater play he sees a clone of himself in Andrew Luck.  This is the home run for us, but in order to land him it would mean the rest of this season would have to be very UGLY.

2. Matt Barkley, QB, USC: Another guy who has great accuracy and looks to be another blue-chip prospect at QB.  His measurables are not that of Luck but he still has the potential to be a great NFL QB.

3. Landry "Lance" Jones, QB, Oklahoma: I have got to watch this guy play a lot and have been impressed by his poise and leadership.  He is heady and gets it.  He is already running an offense that allows him to make all the NFL throws.  I like this kid a lot and feel he could be special.

4.Nick Foles, QB, Arizona: I have not seen him play much but I have a friend who won't shut up about him.  Plan on watching a few of their games in the next couple of months and see what I think.


I get that this is an incredibly controversial topic right now amongst Bronco fans.  Yet I love that this site allows fans to post about what they think and feel.  Personally I just don't think we have a Super Bowl QB on our roster right now.  I respect those who disagree with me, but I would hope we would all remember that we all want the same thing; the Broncos to be Champions.  The way I see it, this is only going to happen is if the Broncos draft and another QB.  And if you listen carefully to what Fox and Elway have said in the last couple of months, I think they feel the same way.

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