Denver vs. Oakland - Likes and Dislikes

It's the morning after the storm and in Colorado that tends to be a beautiful scene.  The magnificent Rocky Mountains in the West bathe in the sunlight and glow with thanks to the night's rain.  Such a peaceful and calming scene that just eases one's soul and brings you to be one with nature.  Unfortunately, I live in Bowling Green, Kentucky and we have caves.  Caves are hard to see from above ground...they're even hard to see when you are in the cave.  So I have no outlet...the Broncos lost to the Raiders and I am not at peace.  I can't believe how upset I am about that debacle.  I need some way to vent, so I will do what every good upset fan does...I'll blog about it.  My likes and dislikes!

I saw there was a post that talked about the Studs and Duds.  That was a good article and imho, pretty accurate.  Trust me, this is not the same.  And in the wake of a game that looked much worse than 23-20, I still managed to find something to like about it.


1) I like Eric Decker.  Ever sense (I can't believe I am about to say this) Josh McDaniels (cringe) drafted Eric Decker I knew we got a steal.  He just has that IT factor about him.  He catches fearlessly, he runs fearlessly, he is, and he reminds me of another guy who wore an 87 jersey.  That's right, Sidney Crosby.... Ok, for reals, Ed McCaffrey.  He showed signs of brilliance in punt and kick return duties last year but more so, he has shown signs of being an awesome football player.  My dad texted me last night, "Decker returning Punts?"  Minute later I responded, "That's why."  Eric Decker, I like you a friendly buddy buddy way.  Not like like, just like.

2) I like winning fantasy football.  I am in three leagues, two of which depended on the Broncos/Raiders game.  I won all three...but I will take losing Fantasy Football if it means a Broncos win any and every day of the week.  But I won (I have Darren McFadden).  Hey hey hey, I have Kyle Orton and Brandon Lloyd too.  Three leagues though, your teams tend to not be the same.  Either way...the Broncos lost...but I won all three fantasy football games...hooray for me.

3) I like the fact that we didn't get blown out nearly as badly as last year, although it really felt like it was that bad.  But without starter quality DTs and D.J. Williams, the Denver Defense did what it could without a solid middle.  Offense had its opportunities.  Defense was practically given none.  Still...everyone looked bad so I will just simply say, I like that we didn't lose nearly as Bad.  (Glass Half Full?)


1) I think I will start this one off with the exact thing the entire world of Broncosmaniancs is thinking: "I dislike Josh McDaniels."  I really want to use the word Hate, but we have Eric he remains out of the Hate column until Tim Tebow becomes an official bust (if that ever happens).  I know there are still like 7 holdovers from Shannahan, but we all know and understand that it was the obnoxiously horrific wheeling and dealing of McDummy that has put us in the talentless position we are in.  Yeah yeah, we have Brandon Lloyd.  But the soon to be FA Robert Ayers, No Show Moreno, the Glass Cannon Thomas, the Detroit Lion CB Alphonso Smith, the dismal OL, Clutchless KO, and the loads of Dead Money has just run this organization into the ground.  If feels like Champ will retire before this organization rights his wrongs and more so, it feels like this is all a conspiracy...because it's hard to believe any one NFL coach...let me say that again...any one NFL COACH misses on talent that much is just absurd.  I still wish to this day they had hired Steve Spagnuolo (not that he is doing much better).  But I believe instead of dismantling the entire team, he would have just addressed the issues.  Oh well, shoulda woulda coulda.

2) I dislike the fact that it doesn't rain in Denver...until the most inopportune moment.  This team never gets to practice in rain and then suddenly there's rain pouring during the home opener.  It became pretty obvious after awhile that this team had no idea how to coupe to the weather.  Champ was slipping all over the place (which I believe lead to his hamstring injury) and it was just embarrassing to watch.  But he wasn't the only one slipping.  Apparently balls slip out of Broncos' hands when wet.  What a concept.  I would love for someone to explain to me why the Broncos did not put on longer cleats.  Are they really that ignorant?  Or did they put on longer cleats but we just have tremendously bad luck?  I think next time Fox should put longer cleats on the ball.  Maybe staple the ball to Orton's hands.  But yeah...I guess there is a problem with that...we can't give it back to the opposing team.  Shucks.

3) I dislike my list of likes.  Man, I want to be able to like way more than that...but what can you really like from that game?  Brian Dawkins?  He's the safety and shouldn't be leading in tackles.  The DLine and Linebackers need to be making majority of tackles.  That just points to the fact that we cannot stop the run (again) and are needing to put an 8th man in the box.  My dad texted me, "You think Ayers show up."  My response, "Who?"  (Oh by the way, there was an Ayers sighting, 1 Tackle)  This is just unacceptable (The Terminal).  I just don't get it, we couldn't stop the run last year and we couldn't run the ball.  So we drafted Von Miller (who is awesome mind you) to rush the passer.  Crazy story...we still can't stop the run and we still can't run the ball.  I want to like Von Miller...but the thing is...nothing has been fixed...oh and Doom/Miller had a combined 0 sacks. 

4) Oh...and I dislike the fact that I bet on the Broncos to win.  I bet a Raiders fan that the Broncos would win and that he would have to wear a Broncos hat the rest of the entire week to work.  Ditto for me.  Well...I HAVE TO WEAR A RAIDERS HAT THE REST OF THE WEEK!  That's like eating vomit and then regurgitating the vomit just so I can make a shirt out of it.  Come on Broncos, what the crap!?

Anyways, that third dislike was getting me a little more heated, so I will just stop there.  I hope you all enjoyed my attempt at ranting.  But please pray for me while I have to strut around in Raider's apparel.  I don't know if I will make it through the rest of the week.  :(


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